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CostumeExpress Proudly Receives Mention On LuckyMag


CostumeExpress Proudly Receives Mention On LuckyMag

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Press Release Give your opinion about this listing via "Review" or suggest corrections/additions has recently been mentioned on the website. has recently been mentioned on the website. This website is a community of people with interesting pieces of information on lifestyle, beauty, health and more. Costume Express was incredibly grateful to be mentioned in the blog. They expect to see a significant rise in their customer database, as the article will be read by a great deal of people.

The article on specifically discusses interesting facts about The Wizard of Oz. It looks at things such as the dialogue within the movie, its rankings, the witch and the munchkins and the costume of the Cowardly Lion. Everybody has seen or heard of the iconic story, but very few people are actually aware of these little factoids. They make the story all the more enjoyable.

There seems to have been a Wizard of Oz revival lately. "Everywhere I go, I see people throwing Wizard of Oz parties," says Julie Stephens, avid Oz-fan. "I sometimes wonder whether they are going to bring out a remake of the movie, as we can't go anywhere without seeing something about the story itself."

Whether or not Julie has a point remains to be seen. What is certainly true, however, is that the story is a firm favorite among thousands of people of all ages. As such, it is not uncommon to be invited to a Wizard of Oz themed party, or even for people to be interested in organizing one themselves. This is where comes in. They have a huge range of costumes and accessories available for people who want to throw an amazing Oz bash. They also have a very strong focus on being affordable, thereby ensuring that anybody has the ability to hold such a party.

Perhaps a remake of the Wizard of Oz isn't on the cards yet, but if it isn't, it should be. And perhaps, if a sufficient number of people continue to express an interest in the iconic story and continue to throw themed parties with the help of Costume Express, Hollywood will take note and actually organize the remake. People all over the world are likely to welcome this with open arms.

For more info on the Wizard of Oz, or CostumeExpress, please visit the Lucky Mag website. If ever there was some inspiration to hold a Wizard of Oz themed party, it can be found here. And thanks to Costume Express, it can also be organized.

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CostumeExpress Proudly Receives Mention On LuckyMag has recently been mentioned on the website.