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All the Latest Trends on the Natural Products Industry at Wholefoods Magazine


All the Latest Trends on the Natural Products Industry at Wholefoods Magazine

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United States, 17th June 2014 - According to a recently conducted market research the market of organic food and natural care products is expected grow by a value of more than 100 billion dollars in the next five years. Consumers are certainly more conscious now and spending more time to find the best organic food distributors and natural personal care products brands those not only sell the best quality products but also sell them against the best of the prices too. While purchasing these products it is also important for the consumers to ensure that anything they buy also conforms to the strict dietary, wellness and ethical criteria. There is certainly one place where you can find all these information available 24x7 is the WholeFoods Magazine.

Since it was first published in the year 1977, for a period of close to 40 years the magazine has efficiently served its readers by bringing in latest news about changing industry trends, recent changes in consumer preferences, results of scientific researches and new newly developed technology, introduction of new products etc. In a word, the magazine is the final sourcebook for information related with organic food, vitamin and natural care products manufacturing industry. You will also find a complete directory of all vitamin manufacturers as well as products available in the market. Reviewing products from all reputed natural and organic product manufacturing brands WholeFoods Magazine also presents their readers all necessary information about those products and thus guides them the best to find only the best quality products.

Considering the growing number of websites selling organic and natural personal care products online and also products from the best vitamin manufacturers the magazine also provide its readers a comprehensive listing of all natural products selling websites and if you want to buy any of those products – visiting their website will always provide you the best of the results. Whatever you want to learn about these products and also about their manufacturers, distributors and retailers are available with WholeFoods Magazine and you are always welcome to visit their website at

About The Company

The Whole Foods Magazine Directory is an amazing service being provided by the trusted online resource for everything related to the natural foods and products industry - The Whole Foods Magazine. This directory offers comprehensive listings of all kinds of players in the field, right from natural makeup brands to vitamin manufacturers to even the organic food producers and sellers.

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The Whole Foods Magazine Directory
c/o WFC, Inc.
4041G Hadley Road, Suite 101
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Phone: (908)769-1160
Fax: (908)769-1171
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All the Latest Trends on the Natural Products Industry at Wholefoods Magazine