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Maxcon Buys New Tools To Ensure More Success


Maxcon Buys New Tools To Ensure More Success

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United States, 3rd July 2014: MaxCon always tries its level best to amaze and facilitate the people who use their software to witness growth and success in their construction business, by providing them with better services and tools. This software company is happy and proud to be able to present the contractors the essential tool they need to bring success in their businesses.

New features and bug fixes have been introduced by the company as their continued effort to be the leader of the industry. Some of the latest upgrades to the MaxCon Construction project management software and CRM includes some additional feature that help one to perform and organize their work with maximum efficiency. An option has been added to facilitate uploading the scanned copy of a work into the order tracking function. Thus when a new order is taken, the copy of it can be uploaded. This will help the user to easily track down any orders that are not generated within MaxCon. Custom orders have been updated to permit decimal entry into item fields and size fields. This will help the users to record correctly everything involved. Further .tiff file formats can be uploaded to document areas of MaxCon. Also for ensuring easy and smooth functioning of the construction business by the users of MaxCon Construction CRM the ability to upload an order during creating the orders have been furnished within the MaxCon that will dramatically trigger down the companies learning the curve with the system during the production process and will see that all the needs of the users are taken good care of.

A single search box on the sear screen that has been designed as a smart search filter is also added for making the search jobs of the users using this software. MaxCon Software in the last year on 13th September 2013 had announced to have got selected as the official software and technology provider for the new TV series Storm Titans starring Hail Strike Restoration team. This TV program was the first to explore the life of storm restoration contractors. Joe Radcliff is the CEO of MaxCon Software. For further queries contact at

About The Company provides your construction company with the Tools for Success. Their Construction Management Software rises above the rest and their business network of partners have the resources to make your company grow. It is a cloud-based CRM and project management system that’s fast, powerful and offers easy to use tools for success. MaxCon keeps your whole team organized, accountable and on the same page.

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C/O Fortuna Logistics, LLC Address: Chancellor Square B 8100 Chancellor Drive, Suite 150 Orlando, FL 32809 Toll Free: 855-922-8546 E-mail: Website:
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Maxcon Buys New Tools To Ensure More Success