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Schlenker Enterprises Limited Unveils New Offering – Whittam High Precision Rulers


Schlenker Enterprises Limited Unveils New Offering – Whittam High Precision Rulers

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USA, Illinois, 22nd July 2014 - Machinists and engineers all over the world trust only one name when they think about buying custom rulers online – This website offers the widest range of measurement devices on the web, making it the most popular choice available in its category. And to make its product range even more interesting, the website has just announced a brand new offering – high precision custom rulers, machine dials and graduated rings from Whittam. Be sure to check these out!

Schlenker Enterprises are the most reliable and popular name in the market when it comes to buying custom rulers, measurement devices, vernier scales and other industrial grade metric equipment. The company is known to offer the highest quality products at the most fantastic prices with a promise of accuracy and excellence that is signature to their brand.

“Whittam High Precision Rules (Rulers), Vernier Scales, Index Rings and Machine Dials; Custom made exactly to your specifications! Our Whittam calibrated engraved rulers plus other Whittam products are of exceptional quality and precision and boast of a long tradition of craftsmanship. Upon request, our rules can be issued a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST. Such certificates may be required for companies qualifying for ISO 9000/9001/9002. Whittam rules (rulers & precision scales) are being manufactured with ever increased accuracy since 1860. Graduated rules can be supplied with accuracies of 1/100 mm (0.0004") over 61 cm (24"). Whittam is capable of manufacturing up to 132" long scale sections which can be joined together to any length. The high accuracy is maintained over longer distances by joining the ends ground for butting within .025 mm (.001"). Our Whittam dials or circular scales are accurate to within 18 arc seconds or .00045" on a 10" diameter. We offer circular divided scales and index rings of up to 137 cm (4’6") in diameter.” explains the owner of Shlenker Enterprises Limited and the website

One of the best things about buying custom rulers from this website is the assurance of quality that you get with every product they offer. Shlenker Enterprises Limited truly is the most trusted name in the market.

For more information about the company or to browse through their range of custom rulers, please visit the website

About The Company is the website of Shlenker Enterprises Limited – the leading providers of custom made rulers and industrial grade measurement tools. Along with selling different categories of rulers and scales, they also stock digital calipers. Accuracy Certified Rulers, Medical X-Ray rulers, Rack and Pinion Encoder Feedback Systems for Linear Measurement, Staiger Mohilo Torque Transducers, Prodan Clutches / Brakes- these are only a few of the many products they offer.

Contact Information
c/o Shlenker Enterprises Limited
Address: PO Box 9277
Lombard, Illinois 60148
Phone: +1 708-449-5700
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Schlenker Enterprises Limited Unveils New Offering – Whittam High Precision Rulers