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Naturopathy Seen To Improve IVF Outcomes


Naturopathy Seen To Improve IVF Outcomes

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CBD Natural Health has assisted numerous couples achieve pregnancy by using traditional naturopathic principals to increase health and wellbeing levels prior to embarking on IVF programs.

Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 14, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - "We are noticing a clear improvement in both sperm health parameters and female egg quality in people preparing for IVF with our Natural Fertility program" states Eliza Blackwood, Sydney Naturopath and Natural Fertility expert at CBD Natural Health in Sydney. She went on to say "We help couples take giant leaps with their health and they are seeing fantastic results with IVF. It is clear to us that the health of the parents is vital to fertility."

During the IVF process, both sperm and semen health and egg quality are scrutinised for flaws and viability. Eliza noted that many of her clients have already been through one or more IVF cycles before they come and see her which gives her a good 'before' and 'after' analysis of the effectiveness of the natural fertility treatment. Eliza says she sees can improvement in all sperm health parameters, egg and blastocyst (fertilised egg) quality, thanks to the cutting edge analysis equipment used by the fertility laboratories.

The Natural Fertility approach to both natural pregnancy and IVF is about ensuring that both prospective parents are at the peak of their health. At CBD Natural Health, the natural fertility program is a holistic approach that includes education on good dietary and lifestyle habits, assessing for nutritional or metabolic imbalances that may impede fertility, and repairing imbalance and dysfunction in the body by utilising herbal medicine and nutrition to have the greatest impact.

Naturopath Eliza Blackwood states 'that with infertility rates are on the rise and with a statistical trend towards couples choosing to have children when their older, Natural Fertility programs such as ours are becoming more and more important.' Eliza recommends that both couples that are just beginning to consider having children and people already trying to come in and have a natural fertility session. "It isn't just about ensuring optimal fertility but also because healthy parents have health kids. The pre-conception time is an important phase to prepare for the best possible outcome."

With IVF sometimes being people's last hope for children of their own blood it can be an extremely emotional, and not mention expensive, process. Natural Fertility offers complementary support that may be the difference between success and struggle. Let's face it, it makes good common sense that our health and vitality play a fundamental role in fertility. Eliza hopes more people go where they may not have been before and see Naturopathy as an important adjunct to an IVF program.

About CBD Natural Health CBD Natural Health was established in 2003, specialising in Naturopathy for health and fertility. Situated in the heart of Sydney's CBD, the clinic offers naturopathic treatments that utilise the latest research and information, non-invasive tests and natural medicines to help patients achieve their goals. For more information visit

Press Contact: Eliza Blackwood CBD Natural Health Level 32, 1 Market Street Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia +61 2 9275 8805
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Naturopathy Seen To Improve IVF Outcomes CBD Natural Health has assisted numerous couples achieve pregnancy by using traditional naturopathic principals to increase health and wellbeing levels prior to embarking on IVF programs.