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Short Film About Relationships Gets People Talking


Short Film About Relationships Gets People Talking

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New short film has all the buzz.

Los Angeles, CA, February 11, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - We've all been there. At least one of us can testify to emptying out a Ben & Jerry's pint of cookie dough ice cream while watching Dirty Dancing after a guy has broken our heart or running to the gym to lift 150 pounds when hearing that your girlfriend has left you for the hot new marketing executive at the new fortune-500 company. It all has happened to us- relationship heartbreak.

However, one thing that won't let us down is films. We can always count on a film out there relating to our pain and paralelling our experience. A new short film, Love Lost written by new-comer, Angela Iranna Perkins, finds an interesting way to encompass a series of relationship stories. From infidelity to a partner's family attempting to sabotage the relationship, this film covers it all. As a result, people are talking and relating to this film.

Scenes are intense and emotional; so you better have Kleenex readily available at your side when spectating the film. The cast that's filled with new up-and-coming actors who are well-trained, showcase their artistic work in the light of brillance.

Whenever that insane woman or jerkish man breaks your heart, check out this short film "Love Lost."

Press Contact: Angela Perkins Lee Mae Procductions 1017 South La Brea Ave., Suite B Los Angeles CA 90019 3104883273
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Short Film About Relationships Gets People Talking New short film has all the buzz.