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Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists in Arizona is proud to announce services now available in Texas


Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists in Arizona is proud to announce services now available in Texas

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1888 Press Release - "When there is an element of threat, only full-time police officers are trained, equipped, and empowered to respond decisively." This is the philosophy on which the company was founded in 1994.

Law Enforcements Specialists, Inc. has a proud reputation as the only nationwide security company that places full-time police officers, without exception.

With Law Enforcement Specialists, you will be able to instill safety and security at your event. Whether it is a public or private event, personal protection, road construction and traffic sites, homeowner associations, and even movie sets and celebrities, Law Enforcement Specialists is here to help. Having an off duty police offer nearby will often help to prevent a criminal threat. Should such a threat occur, you can rest assure that you already have law enforcement specialists on the scene, armed and ready to take action and protect yourself, your guests, and your property. Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. schedules off duty police officers for various types of private security. With a database of over 7000 full time police officers, Law Enforcement Specialists can definitely help in any situation.

Why hire off-duty police officers versus security guards? Law Enforcement Specialists guarantee that all of their off duty police officers will take enforcement action immediately, whereas security guards are only trained to observe and then call 911. Additionally, off duty police officers are automatically a visible deterrence. Criminals respect and fear the power of the police force. Police officers are always armed and ready to respond to any acts of threat. They are able to arrest, search and seize, and can always call for backup whereas, security guards are rarely armed and can only observe and call 911. Most importantly, off duty police officers have the background training and knowledge in handling people in all situations and are always held accountable just as they are when on duty for the department.

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. has an extensive list of credentials, including but not limited to SBE/WBE/DBE- minority certified, Licensed for Security, member of the Better Business Bureau, listed by Dun and Bradstreet, and officially recognized by almost every police agency in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Illinois, Missouri, and now Texas. Law Enforcement Specialists can proudly state that they have completed 19 years experience coordinating security by law enforcement officers nationwide, without any incidences of personal injury to a client or third party.

With Valued Partners like Arizona Public Service, Bank of America, Bass Pro Shops, Chase Bank, Costco Food Stores, Fishel, Neiman Marcus, Safeway Groceries, Salt River Project, Shane Company, Southwest Slurry Seal, Verizon, and Wal-Mart, you can feel confident in hiring Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. to help secure your event.

For Additional Information, Contact:

Texas Street Force 888-572-2442 info ( @ ) offdutypoliceofficers dot com
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Texas Street Force, Law Enforcement Specialists in Arizona is proud to announce services now available in Texas
 1888 Press Release -