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r-pac International Teams with Interactive Product Solutions to Launch foil-CapTag Labels


r-pac International Teams with Interactive Product Solutions to Launch foil-CapTag Labels

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Until today it has not been practical or cost-effective to use RFID tags in the more challenging markets such as drinks, cosmetics, and industries using foil packaging.

NEW YORK, NY, April 23, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - CapTag® technology now makes it possible to apply passive UHF RFID labels to packaging containing liquids, specifically the foil packaging and metal caps used for wines, spirits, and cosmetics. Unlike conventional RFID tags, small CapTag® labels placed on bottles can be accurately read from distances of up to 15+feet, at high speed; even when those bottles are inside sealed cases or clustered on shelves.

r-pac International has teamed with IPS (Interactive Product Solutions), who hold the worldwide marketing rights to CapTag®, to expedite the entry into the retail market of the first commercially available product in the CapTag® range - foil-CapTag®, which is designed specifically for application on wine and spirit bottles with metal screw-cap closures or foil capsules.

With r-pac’s manufacturing expertise and existing contacts with apparel retailers, r-pac is targeting retailers in Europe and the USA with existing UHF Gen2 data capture infrastructure. foil-CapTag® technology being actively evaluated at this time for stock counting and inventory control.

About CapTag® Technology: CapTag® technology is based on a breakthrough proprietary RFID technology developed by ePix Ltd. It exploits the fluid in the bottle to achieve long range readability when CapTag® paper labels are applied directly to glass or plastic bottles containing liquids such as beer, wines and spirits.

Being paper thin CapTag® labels can be:

· completely invisible to the end user when placed covertly under the capsule or closure before bottling; · used as an overt deterrent, in a similar way to tax stamps, where fitted after bottling.

CapTag® based systems can be used globally as they are totally compatible with Gen 2 RFID readers operating at each of the permitted UHF bands in each ITU regions of the world.

A variety of other CapTag® have also been developed, including versions for bottles of beer, champagne, or drinks, including wine and spirits with plastic caps or closures. CapTag® is even applicable for blood vials.

The Business Value: Retailers can now deploy conventional, passive EPC Gen2 UHF RFID hardware and software for apparel identification and tracking systems for inventory control of an important additional product category. Benefits include:

· An inspection tool within the supply chain to automate the process of checking the number, and authenticity of wines and spirits bottles despatched an received---even for bottles inside sealed cartons and cases · Accurate stock counting when bottles are on display on shelves in the retail store or back store, with alerts for stock movement or when bottles are removed, if required for extra security · The ability to hunt and find bottles accurately and quickly in retail outlets or cellars, with data bases checked to match bottles to customer orders.

See CapTag® Technology in action

CapTag® technology is scheduled to be showcased by r-pac International at the following shows in early 2015

· In the US at ‘GS1 Connect’ May 31st to June 4th Austin, TX at booth #601 · In the US at ‘RVCF Annual Fall Conference’ November 8th to 11th JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn

Notes to Editors

About r-pac International Corporation:
r-pac International Corporation is leading the industry in item-level tagging for manufacturers and retailers from source-to-store with RFID technology. In addition to innovative RFID solutions, r-pac is a leading global supplier of branded packaging and trims to retailers, designers and merchants. Established in 1987, r-pac specializing in manufacturing printed packaging and trims for the garment and accessory industry, and now has 25 worldwide manufacturing locations combined with 20 sales offices. Our diverse product lines include corrugated displays, shopping bags, poly bags, labels (woven, printed and heat transfers, tapes (webbing and elastic), tags, patches (leather, paper, embroidered and synthetic) stickers, boxes (corrugated, gift, jewellery designer, shoe), foam inserts, blister packs, header cards and PVC clamshell packaging.

Contact: Paul Arguin,, +1 212 465 1818/+1 978 725 5919,

About Interactive Product Solutions:
We help create a world where products sense, communicate, exchange, and process data in real-time - making those products both ‘intelligent’ and interactive. With an experienced team of designers, engineers and software developers, IPS and our partners create and deliver concepts and fully integrated systems, including promotional displays & packaging that interact with people.

Contacts: David Potter - Commercial Director, Dr. Brian Weeks – Managing Director,,,, +44 2033 848 533

Founded in 1995, by Dave Mapleston, ePix is a specialist electronics design and engineering company focussed on the transfer of technologies developed in the research laboratory for: bespoke solutions for external companies; and its own range of products for the marketplace, such as the Power-Mapper RFID tool. In particular ePix has been at the forefront of development efforts in RFID and wireless communications over many years with a range of successful innovations to its name.

Press Contact: Paul Arguin r-pac International 132 West 36th Street Floor 7 New York, NY 10018 978-725-5919
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r-pac International Teams with Interactive Product Solutions to Launch foil-CapTag Labels Until today it has not been practical or cost-effective to use RFID tags in the more challenging markets such as drinks, cosmetics, and industries using foil packaging.