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Kensington Launches SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station - Enables Business Users to Leverage 4K Monitor or Dual Monitors in Business Applications


Kensington Launches SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station - Enables Business Users to Leverage 4K Monitor or Dual Monitors in Business Applications

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Unsurpassed Compatibility Drives Increase in User Productivity and Satisfaction

San Mateo, CA, June 10, 2015 - Kensington, a worldwide leader in delivering smart. safe. simple.™ desktop and mobile computing accessories, today announced the launch of its SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station, enabling business users to leverage 4K (3840 x 2160) Ultra High Definition (UHD) monitors with their current laptop or tablet. Previously reserved for fields such as digital television and digital cinematography, the new Kensington SD4000 Universal Docking Station is one of the first USB docking stations on the market that supports 4K output via HDMI or DisplayPort, providing general purpose business users unsurpassed compatibility. If the user is not ready to migrate to a 4K display yet, the new SD4000 also supports dual 2K monitor set-up, which when combined with its ability to also support larger sized monitors, enables users to dramatically increase productivity. For more about user productivity, see the announcement issued separately today revealing the findings of a survey recently conducted by Kensington.

Today's typical business user views a document, while multiple applications such as email run in the background. To move from one window to the next, or to pull up a completely new app or web browser, requires the user to defocus from the work at-hand. Once the user has moved to the new window/task, oftentimes they forget about the original work altogether, at least for a time. This is commonplace – we have all experienced it. Add to that, the devices on which we work are getting smaller and thinner, with the available screen size shrinking in-tandem – necessitating extensive scrolling up-and-down, back-and-forth across the document. This makes it more challenging and time consuming to complete tasks. It therefore stands to reason that increasing screen size with ultra-high resolution would eliminate these issues. And, numerous research studies have in fact demonstrated this to be true.*

"The innovative Kensington SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station enables its users to get more and clearer screen space to work with, which not only saves time and improves accuracy, but also increases user satisfaction," said Louie Yao, Global Product Manager, Kensington. "User satisfaction is a critical measurement in a business environment, as studies have shown that it is also directly related to higher productivity. For our strategic channel partners, the SD4000 provides them with an opportunity to ride the wave and significantly take advantage of the recent 71 percent decrease in 4K monitor pricing, and the corresponding growth in demand, to an expected 32 million units sold by 2020."

Kensington SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station (SKU K33983AM) SRP $229.99

4K Ultra HD for One Monitor - Give your computer the screen space, power & clarity of Ultra HD, with 3840x2160 resolution via USB 3.0, increasing the content available on your monitor for improved productivity. No Need for 4K Graphics Card - The SD4000 takes care of all the work for you so you don't have to upgrade or modify your laptop to enable the higher resolution on the screen. HDMI or DisplayPort Options for 4K - Both connections are available on the back of the dock and can be accessed through a sliding panel that covers the connection port you're not using to protect the electronics. 2K for Dual Monitors - Ideal for users not ready to make the transition to 4K, this option can support the typical two-monitor setup with 1920x1200/2048x1152 resolution for each screen. USB 3.0 Ports/2.1A Charging Port - Expand your device's productivity capabilities by plugging your peripheral accessories into any of three USB 3.0 ports that support transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. One port allows you to fast charge a tablet or smartphone. Gigabit Ethernet Port - Provides a reliable wired connection to a network or the Internet.

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About Kensington: Kensington, a leader in smart. safe. simple.™ desktop and mobile computing accessories is the recognized industry standard trusted by enterprises around the world. Kensington's mobile security product offerings include laptop and mobile security locks providing a new generation of front-line protection for mobile devices. In addition, Kensington offers accessories including power adapters, chargers, mice, keyboards, trackballs, universal docking stations, desktop accessories, carrying cases and iPad/iPhone/iPod accessories. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Kensington is the technology division of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ACCO), a world leader in branded office products, with products marketed in more than 100 countries across the globe. For more information, visit or call Kensington toll-free at 1-800-235-6708.

Kensington is a registered trademark of ACCO Brands. smart. safe. simple. is a trademark of ACCO Brands. All other registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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  • The University of Utah Study (commissioned by NEC)
  • Pfeiffer Consulting Study (commissioned by Apple)
  • Software Usability Research Laboratory of Wichita State University, Productivity Study (commissioned by Dell)

Press Contact: Denise Nelson The Ventana Group Danville, CA 925 837 6277
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Kensington Launches SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station - Enables Business Users to Leverage 4K Monitor or Dual Monitors in Business Applications Unsurpassed Compatibility Drives Increase in User Productivity and Satisfaction