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Utilizing Interior Partitions As Flexible Office Space


Utilizing Interior Partitions As Flexible Office Space

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It becomes very clear after only a few minutes of watching a home improvement television show or flipping through an interior design magazine that wood flooring is the go-to material for stylish homes.

Interior partitions, commonly referred to as room-dividers, increase a structure's flexibility by creating additional rooms within an open floor plan. Schools, offices, restaurants, and family homes all benefit from their ability to create a cozy, yet temporary, space within a larger room. Their versatile construction allows them to be stored completely out of sight when not in use, making interior partitions the perfect multi-purpose solution. Interior partitions can span a small section or the entire length of a room. They can be constructed from virtually any building material desired, depending on engineering requirements. On its own, an interior partition will simply help create additional rooms and increase the functional space within a structure. However, it can easily be transformed into a helpful learning and informational tool when designed and outfitted with nontraditional materials.

Glass is a common option for interior partitions, which is perfect for writing and will allow the divider to be used as a white board, as long as the right markers are used. No additional materials will need to be attached to the wall to create the perfect white board on a glass wall. White boards are beneficial when giving presentations in conferences, and they have been proven to increase a student's excitement and ability to learn, which makes them ideal for schools, learning centers, and even at home.

More privacy can be achieved by using patterned glass or blinds between the glass panels. Patterned glass is created by the process of acid etching. This makes the glass appear frosted or fogged and greatly reduces the glass's transparency level. Acid etched glass is smooth to the touch, so it will not inhibit a user's ability to write on the surface. Another option is to include blinds between the glass. In this type of glazing unit, blinds are placed in the airspace of an insulated glass system. The blinds have the ability to tilt and be pulled up and down, just like any standard blind system. This unique combination is useful when privacy is not always required.

Although the panels are most commonly designed as glass, interior partitions can include virtually any material within the frame, depending on engineering requirements. For those looking for a more traditional option, actual magnetized white boards and chalk boards can be used for the panels instead of glass. These more traditional styles are beneficial for giving presentations in conference rooms and writing daily specials for diners to read in restaurants. For even further versatility, panels can easily be designed with cork and criss-cross boards for posting announcements, calendars, and schedules.

With a few additions and creativity, interior partitions are a functional learning and presentation tool for students, professionals, and business owners alike. Incorporating an interior partition will not only transform large open spaces and save space, but when designed correctly, will eliminate the need to install additional writing and bulletin surfaces. When the wall is not in use, it can be designed to pocket to a remote location and leave the room open for large groups of people or events, creating a uniquely-designed, multi-purpose room for any application.

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Utilizing Interior Partitions As Flexible Office Space
 It becomes very clear after only a few minutes of watching a home improvement television show or flipping through an interior design magazine that wood flooring is the go-to material for stylish homes.