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Androgen Blockade with Salvage RT May Improve Survival in Prostate Cancer Men


Androgen Blockade with Salvage RT May Improve Survival in Prostate Cancer Men

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3rd November 2015, United States ( The Casodex prostate cancer drugs are widely used to stop androgen from professing. In 12 years observation, people who did not receive the blockade were 7.5% more vulnerable to death than only 2.5% seen in those who got the treatment.

The lead investigator was William Shipley, professor of radiation oncology, MD, Harvard Medical School, Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital. This study was projected at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), in their 57th annual meeting. Those who undertook only radical prostatectomy did face recurrence of the illness within 1 to 4 years, and their prostate specific antigen (PSA) too increased, noted by Dr. Shipley. The study started in 1998, where anti androgen drugs were given as bicalutamide. But now the standard method is to utilize androgen deprivation therapy with medicines that work as luteinizing hormone-release hormone antagonists and agonists like goserelin, leuprolide, histrelin, and triptorelin. Alan Pollack, PhD, MD, University of Miami, Florida the study consultant said that survival rate in both these methods applied were similar. The study was of three phases having 761 men participating with prostate cancer.

When it came to other type of cancers, the use of radiation with medications always proved better than a lone standing treatment method. For e.g. the Methotrexate tablets working to reduce tumors showed improved effect of life expectancy in people with chemotherapy and radiation therapy as compared to those who received just one of these. Similarly, in prostate cancer as well, the medications or injections to block causal agents are important as much as other therapies involved in the treatment.

Patients divided in groups were randomly given radiation therapy at 64.8 GY dose in 36 fractions at 1.8 GY each with either bicalutamide 150mg a day, or peripheral androgen blockade for 2 years or the same radiation therapy dose with placebo. After 10 years, about 82% of patients who received peripheral androgen blockage for long term were very much alive than 78% of those who had only salvage radiation therapy. Those men who buy cancer pills and get into radiation therapy could survive more than those who never took the medications.

14% of participants from bicalutamide group developed distant metastases than 23% from those who had got only radiation therapy. The rates of genitourinary and gastrointestinal toxicities were similar and low in both treatment groups. However, 70% of males in the blockage group developed gynecomastia, as noted by Dr. Shipley. Those who used Casodex prostate cancer medication have PSA as low as 0.2 or 0.3 ng/ml. Thus, it the research means more meaningful especially for the patients who already have a low PSA values already, and the result of killing the mortality rate altogether was possible in them or not.

Thankfully, there is a scope for more such researches. If the advantage of androgen blockage and radiation therapy together proves to be really beneficial, then many men will have the chance of leading a better and fulfilling life. As people can access Casodex 50mg online at cost effective price, the availability of the drugs will also not be a problem. Dr. Pollack said that the findings can definitely raise the hope of quality life in men with prostate cancer, and will come as a savior for many of them.

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Colin Martin Texas, United States.

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Androgen Blockade with Salvage RT May Improve Survival in Prostate Cancer Men