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Electrostatic Spraying Technologies


Electrostatic Spraying Technologies

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There are several essential factors that need to come with each other

There are several essential factors that need to come with each other to be able to use electrostatic guns successfully. Very first you will need to pick the proper atomization technology for the coating application needs. There are several electrostatic atomization technologies to choose from. The oldest and likely most typical will be the air spray electrostatic guns. The guns supply a lot of handle at the gun which include fluid flow by use on the fluid needle adjustment knob and fan handle through the usage of the fan adjustment knob. Moreover, the amount of fluid might be controlled by how far back the operator pulls the trigger. The principle supply of fluid control is determined by the fluid stress from a low-pressure pump, the air going into a pressure pot or by a fluid regulator mounted near, or within the spray booth.

The viscosity with the coating and the size from the fluid nozzle also affect the fluid flow. Despite the fact that air spray electrostatic guns have fantastic atomization, they are also the least efficient of the electrostatic guns. This is as a consequence of the prospective use of higher air pressure to atomize the coating. The use of high air pressure can defeat the electrostatic attraction by forcing the charged particles of paint previous the part or by building excessive bounce back or overspray. A variation of the air spray electrostatic gun may be the HVLP electrostatic gun. The gun operates pretty much identically for the air spray gun except that it utilizes much less atomizing air pressure. Alternatively, the gun utilizes far more cubic feet of compressed air or CFM.

The result is often a softer spray pattern which lowers the velocity at which the paint particles travel. This makes it possible for for far more on the charged particles to remain inside the electrostatic field which helps to improve transfer efficiency. Like any HVLP gun, some coatings could be also viscous or the application price may possibly be as well high, which may perhaps make it complicated for the HVLP electrostatic gun to supply higher productivity and acceptable finish high quality for some applications. In addition, HVLP guns typically need a lot more CFM which can bring about elevated electrical costs for compressed air. For the application of really viscous supplies or for very high application rates, some suppliers use airless electrostatic guns. These guns use pumps to make incredibly high fluid stress that is the major indicates of atomizing the coatings.

When the gun is triggered, the higher fluid stress is allowed to escape in to the atmosphere through a tungsten carbide tip that is reduce to type an elliptical spray pattern. The size on the pattern along with the volume of fluid leaving the gun are controlled by the tip. The viscosity on the coating and also the fluid pressure utilised also affects the application rate. Generally, airless technology does not deliver the identical amount of atomization as air spray or HVLP electrostatic guns but they function effectively for some coatings, especially when spraying large merchandise at high rates of speed.

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Electrostatic Spraying Technologies There are several essential factors that need to come with each other