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Fireplace Efficiency With Glass Doors


Fireplace Efficiency With Glass Doors

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If you have a little working knowledge of fireplaces, then you can understand

If you have a little working knowledge of fireplaces, then you can understand why improving the amount of heat that a fireplace puts out is important to the over all enjoyment of having a fireplace in your home. If you are new to burning real wood-burning fireplaces, there are some very simple ways to improve the amount of heat that your fireplace will produce. As a masonry contractor in the Seattle area we see quite a few chimney every year that are unsafe to burn and need to be repaired. Some of the things that you would want to look for would be, if the fireplace needs repair or has loose brick, smoking problems, water damage, or damper problems. One of the best way's to see if your fireplace is ready to burn is to ask for an inspection from a masonry contractor in your area. Now is the time to start that fire, and as we said above we want the fireplace to burn in an efficient way.

For a wood-burning fireplace to burn well you need to burn good quality, dry seasoned wood. When you burn quality seasoned wood the fire will burn cleaner, hotter and increase your fireplace efficiency. You may say I am already using good quality seasoned wood to help my fireplace burn well, but I still want my fireplace to improve its efficiency. Every and I mean every fireplace should have a glass-door installed on it, if only for safety reasons, installing a glass door is one of the best ways of improving your fireplace efficiency for a very small cost. You might be thinking that if I put glass-doors on my fireplace the heat will stay behind the glass and just go up the chimney. This is not the case, heat from your fireplace will radiate out through the glass even if the glass-doors are closed, so a good way to use your glass-doors is to burn the fireplace with the glass-doors open and the safety screen closed. In this way you have all the beauty and ambience of your fire before you.

If your fireplace is equipped with outside air or make up air you can also burn the fireplace with the glass doors shut and the safety screen open, in this mode you will be able to see your beautiful fire and feel the radiant heat, but not be losing any of the air in the room up the chimney. Make up air or outside air can be installed on most fireplaces if you don't have it in your fireplace now. These two things will also overcome the reasons that some fireplaces smoke, and also why your fireplace has a drafty smokey smell to it when it is not being used. Just for those two reasons every fireplace should have glass-doors installed on them. The best reason I have saved for last and that is, your fireplace is costing you heat loss all day and night even when your not using it. The reason is that your damper in your fireplace is not airtight they are made that way to maintain a certain amount of clearance even when they are closed.

Whether you are building a new home or are remodeling an older one, a Fireplace can plays a vital roll in the comfort and overall beauty of your home. The newer Masonry Fireplace have high efficient air-circulating Fireboxes, Fresh air room vents, warmed air Blowers, and Glass Doors. The good news is that many of the old style Masonry Fireplace, can be brought right up to same efficient level as the newer ones. There many new facing material that can go right over the old Brick Work, this can be done with out even tearing out the old Brick. A Gas insert can be placed in side a older Brick Fireplace and bring efficient levels up to over 80 percent.

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Fireplace Efficiency With Glass Doors If you have a little working knowledge of fireplaces, then you can understand