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How to Change Your Front Door Lock


How to Change Your Front Door Lock

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It happens to best of us. Running around late for work, still woozy from last night's slumber we jump out of bed into our office attire and rushing out the door. Stepping a few steps forward we try to grab the keys to the car.

Our search for the keys leads to a frantic attempt to empty out our bags, pocket and pretty much anything we can keep the keys in. Unfortunately, the search all becomes futile when we finally realize that we left the keys in the kitchen counter. A quick look into the window confirms those fears as we see that the keys are exactly where you left them.

At this point, we would get a neighbor to help us open our door with the help of some power tools. We have asked a Melbourne Locksmith about the common mistakes that people do when they try to open a mistakenly locked door and they say that it is the extreme force applied to the door breaking. When you plan to replace a door lock, go ahead and call a Melbourne Locksmith and they will fix it the right way.

Most people would just use a sledge hammer to open that door. However, the end result is that you get back into your house but with it you end up with a broken door. This leaves you with no other recourse but to replace the old busted front door with a new one.

When choosing a new door lock, the first thing you must remember to do is choose one with the same brand. Doing so will eliminate having to carve out new notches or drilling new holes to your door. Just make sure not to damage the door too much when you are forcing it open.

It also helps if you can bring the old door lock with you when you buy a new lock for your door. To remove the lock, the first thing you need to do is open your door, giving you access to all of its screws. Remove the screws holding the door knob to the door lock. You can normally be seen in the side of the door which is found inside your house.

Usually these screws are all you need to take the door knob off but if the door knob does not slide off easily then look for a small button just behind the base of the shaft holding on to the knob. Push on the button using a flat head screw driver and the knob and the shaft holding it should just pop off. You should be left now with the door knobs face plate. Simply slide in your screw driver in and pop off the face plate.

Now, you should be left with your door's striker holding on to the latch of your door. On the edge of your door, remove the two screws holding the latch in place. Once you remove the screws, the latch can be removed easily by pulling out the latching mechanism. Bring the disassembled doorknob with you to the hardware store.

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How to Change Your Front Door Lock