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Some Facts on Window Well Covers


Some Facts on Window Well Covers

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You can purchase most size window well covers at your local home improvement store, most, but not all. In this article I will show you a quick and easy way to make your own covers, allowing plenty of light to enter the space, and allowing for the all important emergency exit.

Through the years I have found that making a template saves money in the long run. I strongly suggest you make yourself a cardboard template of the window well. You can square the shape off, as if it was a rectangle or square when you order the piece of Plexiglas.

Exposed basement window wells can be a danger for anyone or anything that passes them. An uncovered basement window well makes for an easy place for animals to fall into and become trapped. They are also a place where children can fall and injure themselves, especially if they do not know that the window well is there.

There are safety measures that you can take to prevent humans and animals from getting injured in and around basement window wells. The easiest and simplest way to prevent injuries from occurring with your window well is to cover it. Before we get into how to prevent injuries, we'll discuss five risks that come with exposed basement window wells.

Chances are those homeowners have tried to solve their problem using a pre-made well cover. Using a pre-made well-cover can help in some ways, but it doesn't solve all your problems. Many homeowners have found that these off-the-shelf, ready-made well covers don't fit properly, are unattractive, are hard to maintain, and they need to be replaced frequently. Plus, many window well covers are made with an open fabrication that still allows rain, debris, and snow into the well.

Not only does installing a window well cover prevent injuries from occurring, but it can also help to prevent most of the risks we mentioned above. With a secured window well cover, chances are slim that an animal or child can fall and find themselves trapped inside your well. This will also prevent trapped animals from damaging your windows and screens. A secured and custom-fit well cover will prevent water and snow from seeping into your well, eliminating the chances of water leaking into your basement.

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Some Facts on Window Well Covers