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Maintenance Of Lawn Sprinkler Systems


Maintenance Of Lawn Sprinkler Systems

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Sprinkler systems have lots of advantage over manual watering of lawns. Your lawn requires timely watering and by using a sprinkler system you can achieve that without fail. You can program your sprinkler system to automatically start watering for a definite duration. With an efficient sprinkler system, you do not have to worry about watering your lawn regularly.

Although sprinkler systems are efficient means of lawn care, it needs some level of maintenance. The level of maintenance needed depends on the type and quality of the system installed in your lawn or garden. However, irrespective of the nature of the sprinkler installed, there are certain basic steps that you should follow to ensure efficient water management and lawn care.

Leakage is one of the major issues associated with a sprinkler system. Leaks or tiny holes in the hose or the sprinkler device can lead to over-watering. It may lead to development of small pools of water from where the leakage is originating. This can lead to rusting of the sprinklers around the leaking parts due to constant wetness. Observe your sprinkler system at work and check whether there is any variation in water pressure or obstruction. It could be caused due to a leakage. Irregular watering or excessive watering from a leaking sprinkler can damage the growth of plants and grass. Water clogging at places can breed mosquitoes and other harmful insects. And of course, it also leads to water wastage which is environmentally offensive.

As your sprinkler system ages, it requires more attention. Due to years of use, sprinkler heads often get rusted due to the calcium content in the water. Sometimes the valves inside the sprinklers also get rusted. Mostly, these parts are made of cast iron and they are prone to rusting and corrosion when they react with various chemicals in the air and water. Rusting can reduce the water flow through the valves or even spoil them completely. In such cases, you should get your sprinkler parts checked by an expert and replaced as soon as possible. When replacing the damaged parts, make sure that you install new parts made from a suitable non-rusting metal.

Efficient use of sprinkler system can promise you a beautiful lawn. Many people keep their sprinklers on for a long time which leads to over irrigation. This will ruin the quality of your entire lawn. It leads to draining of certain soil elements and you will find patches of grass dying out eventually. Also check whether the sprinklers are watering in the right direction. If there is any part where the water is not reaching, you should try to rectify it or take time to water the areas manually.

During the winter season, sprinkler system has to be winterized. Extremely low temperatures can cause the water in the PVC pipes to freeze. Water expands when it freezes and this can cause the pipes to crack leading to leakages. You should manually drain the residual water from the piping system of your sprinkler before the onset of extreme winter.

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Maintenance Of Lawn Sprinkler Systems