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Diligent Benefits Delivers Value Added Services


Diligent Benefits Delivers Value Added Services

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Diligent Insurance Services announced that it has expanded Diligent Benefits to include a new service: Living Trusts.

Santa Cruz, CA, January 26, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Diligent Insurance Services, a leader in new age insurance services announced that it has expanded Diligent Benefits with a value added service, by providing living trusts to current and future clients. Diligent Benefits partners with dedicated legal experts with over 60 years of combined experience to deliver the highest quality living trust product without cost clients thousands of dollars of legal fees.

"There are a lot of people offering living trust services," said John Wilhelm, founder and CEO of Diligent Benefits, "the cost is ranging from $5,000 to $7,000 by lawyers to $1,000 do-it-yourself online or $595 one-size-fit all boiler plate. While lawyers provide quality living trust services, their cost is prohibitive to most of the families in need. The online product and boiler plate forms don't necessary address each individuals requirements accurately and completely." continued Wilhelm. "Diligent Benefits' offering strikes a balance between highest quality of product and affordable price for all families."

"You need to do the living trust right for you and your family. Incorrect execution can only give you a false security and might not be defendable in court should it get challenged.", said Thomas Payne, an attorney with 20+ years of experience providing legal services for living trust and other estate planning services. "Every family requires specific living trust for its unique situation." said Payne, "it can never be a one-size-fits all."

About Diligent Benefits

Diligent Benefits is a leader in new age insurance and financial services. Diligent Benefits is well positioned in the $7.3 trillion baby boomer market and the $7.1 trillion millennial market with a clear mission to assist clients in making informed decisions and selecting individualized products with total transparency. Combined with technology and compassion, Diligent Benefits' goal is to maximize clients' benefits by understanding clients' needs, providing immediate actions, developing personalized offerings with awesome client experience and great efficiency.

Diligent Benefits solves the problems of misconceptions about the insurance industry and the disconnect between consumers and the industry. Diligent Benefits provides services for Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Annuities and Premium Financing. Diligent Benefits is based in Santa Cruz, California, with offices throughout California. For more information on Diligent Benefits, please call 1-408-674-9170 / 1-800-957-0848 or visit

Press Contact: John Wilhelm Diligent Insurance Services 1101 Pacific Avenue Suite 220 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (408)674-9170
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Diligent Benefits Delivers Value Added Services Diligent Insurance Services announced that it has expanded Diligent Benefits to include a new service: Living Trusts.