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Women on Web offer Free Abortion Pills Online to Zika Infected Pregnant Women


Women on Web offer Free Abortion Pills Online to Zika Infected Pregnant Women

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Women on Web offer Free Abortion Pills Online to Zika Infected Pregnant Women

February 4, 2016 ( Zika virus (viral disease caused by mosquito bite affecting child’s body and brain development) hit nations are to receive medical pregnancy termination aid from the Dutch NGO named ‘Women on Web’. The organization is providing abortion pills online at no cost to pregnant females infected with Zika virus. The fever caused due to this virus causes microcephaly in the unborn, wherein the torso and brain in the baby do not grow to the size as required. The World Health Organization (WHO) had declared Zika epidemic as a public health crisis of international concern.

Reported Zika Cases for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women in affected countries have been advised against becoming pregnant for at least the next two years. The virus has hit worst in Brazil where 270 cases of microcephaly has already been confirmed. 147 and 3, 448 cases are already suspected for 2014, and October 2015 respectively. Rebecca Gomperts the Women on Web’s director and founder announced that her NGO will offer free medical pregnancy termination to pregnant women with Zika infection, as the pregnancy if continued in such case will lead to serious birth defects.

Dutch NGO to Help Infected Pregnant Latin Americans

The infection is speedily spreading in Latin America, including Brazil, where abortion is illegal or restricted. The governments in such nations are highly religious and criminalize pregnancy ending and restrict use of birth control. Thus, females are then left with none or very few options to avoid pregnancy, especially if they are infected by Zika virus.

Women on Web thus will offer internet

consultation when the women are diagnosed with the infection, and pack of abortion pills online will be shipped at no additional cost to the individuals. Online pregnancy ending service is for women who are within 9 weeks of pregnant, as medical procedure is only safe within 4 to 9 weeks of gestation. The consultation process is reviewed by doctor and the medications are sent to females who qualify for the regimen, reported the NGO.

Steps Taken to Legalize Abortion in Brazil In Latin America, pregnant women are considering this service over fear of microcephaly already. Jaques Wagner, the chief of stall to the Brazilian President, Dilma Rouseff said that the outbreak of Zika is not going to stop the Olympics in summer at Rio de Janeiro. But, he warns pregnant females to keep distance from the Games.

Already a group of Brazilian scientists, activist, lawyers are petitioning to Supreme Court of the Nation to at least waive its ban on pregnancy termination for those pregnant females with Zika infection. Until now, Brazil abortion access was only limited for women who became pregnant due to sexual violence or there was danger to their health and medical emergencies.

Nations Affected by Zika Virus

Shipment of the medicines can consume 1 to 5 weeks. Thus, it is important for affected females to get in touch with the NGO soon as they become aware of Zika infliction. Nations where Women and Web are shipping the tablets include Paraguay, Panama, Columbia, Chile, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti, Argentina, Guadeloupe, Surinam, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Honduras.

In Barbados, Mexico, Satin Martin, Caribbean islands, French Guyana, services for pregnancy termination are available. The NGO is now urging Brazil to lift its ban on pregnancy ending for pregnant females having Zika condition, so that they can ship the medicines without hindrance. Otherwise, the packages of pills get intercepted and do not reach the needy women.

Contact: Joanna Lewis Toll Free: + 1-866-846-7101 For more information visit
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Women on Web offer Free Abortion Pills Online to Zika Infected Pregnant Women Women on Web offer Free Abortion Pills Online to Zika Infected Pregnant Women