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The Passover Experience Has New Additions for 2016


The Passover Experience Has New Additions for 2016

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Unique North Texas film set turns into an interactive walk through theatre stage. 100 Actors Provide a "Living History" experience to guests as they step right into the scenes to become a "fly on the wall"; DFW Area Easter Celebration at Capernaum First Century Village and Majestic Statue Garden Near Weatherford, TX. New attractions this year are The Mission Reality Experience and the sneak peek tour of the new set for The Apocalypse Experience.

Weatherford, TX, March 12, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Tammy Lane Productions, creators of Mission Reality and other Christian-based productions, is once again bringing an outdoor "Living History" walk through adventure to be hosted at its one-of-a-kind first century village called Capernaum, located near Weatherford in Peaster, TX.

New attractions have been added this year to offer guests a larger variety of things to do and new opportunities to explore what Tammy Lane Productions is all about.

This year's "Passover Experience" is taking place March 19th, 25, and 26th.

"Over the years, we've really been fortunate to grow and develop Capernaum into a really special place," said Tammy Lane, creator of Capernaum Village. "That, combined with so many trained actors, makes for an event that's as authentic as you'll find anywhere."

The Capernaum property, a creation of local writer and producer Tammy Lane, contains both Capernaum First Century Village and the Majestic Statue Garden. New additions have been made over the years, and to endure a larger crowd and a more complex event, the area has undergone millions of dollars' worth of general construction. The village itself contains a number of single and multilevel stone structures designed and positioned much like they would have been in the first century.

Currently under development is an entirely new set that is being created for live events and film productions. This new set, designed primarily for the new and upcoming fall production The Apocalypse Experience, features a small modern day town with a gazebo centered in the middle. Phase one of the set construction is now complete and will be open for guided tours during The Passover Experience.

As they witness The Passover Experience, visitors will see that authenticity goes far beyond the village itself. Tammy's team has hired almost 100 actors from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond to help further the looks, sounds, and feels that would've been experienced in this first century village.

Guests will be ushered by tour guides back in time on the "Path of Plagues" as they experience some of the plagues on Egypt, events written in the Biblical book of Exodus that were part of the first Passover in which God freed his people from slavery. As guests enter the village, they'll experience the lively festivities of the Israelites celebrating the Passover in remembrance of how God freed their people from slavery hundreds of years before. Please be advised that some special effects of the plagues may be startling or frightening to small children.

Walking through the town, guests witness scenes that were common in the time period – interactions between Roman soldiers, villagers, tax collectors, rabbis. They'll be invited into the robust stone dwellings of the village and learn what the Bible teaches of the feast as they experience families preparing for the Passover. Wrapping up the walk through, patrons will experience the highlight of the adventure: Going on to the upper room where they'll observe an up-close and personal view of the reenactment of the actual Last Supper.

Outside of the village and path, guests will also have the opportunity to experience a few of the unique constructions located at Capernaum. Up the hill from the village sits a beautiful statue garden, with over 30,000 square feet that feature 13 life-size statues designed by the late Korean sculptor Yon Sim Pak.

In addition to Pak's statues, the garden also contains a replica of a tomb, similar to one that Jesus was laid into. Next to the village sits the marketplace, which is located at the center of the property, and will contain food and refreshments from area restaurants, Rosa's Café, Yesterday's Sandwich Shop, North Point BBQ, Jerky Pop, and Texas Burger.

The Seder Experience is another special offering of the event. Guests purchasing a Seder meal ticket will have the opportunity to learn of the significant elements of the Passover Seder feast along with taste samples.

Rounding out the day of outdoor fun, guests can view the Mission Reality Experience exhibit in the pavilion. Mission Reality is the sister ministry of Capernaum that focuses on internation missions, with ministry programs currently based in India. The new exhibit features some of the poor living conditions of the people in India. Mission Reality team members will be in attendance at the exhibit to discuss their experiences, what is happening in the ministry and how anyone can be involved.

Last but not least, guests can get a sneak peek of the new set of The Apocalypse Experience, coming in October 2016. During the guided sneak peek tour, experimental special effects will be demonstrated. Please be advised that the effects may be startling and physically challenging to guests with physical conditions. Guests may choose to step aside to watch the others experience the special effects.

Capernaum Passover Experience – Event Details Address: 10700 FM 920, Weatherford, Texas 76088 Dates: Saturday, March 19, 2016 – 10 AM to 5 PM Friday, March 25, 2016 – 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 10 AM to 5 PM Prices Adults (13 – 61) - $17 Seniors (62+) -$14 Children (4 – 12)-$13 3 and under-Free Family Pack – 2 Adults, 2 Children - $50 Seder Meal Ticket $3 Group discounts are available. More Information and ticket sales are at

Press Contact: Crysta Smith Capernaum First Century Village 10700 FM 920 Weatherford, TX 76088 800-489-1950
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The Passover Experience Has New Additions for 2016 Unique North Texas film set turns into an interactive walk through theatre stage. 100 Actors Provide a