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Pricewise Insulation Set to Define Mission Statement


Pricewise Insulation Set to Define Mission Statement

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Pricewise Insulation, one of Australia leading largest resellers of thermal and acoustic insulation batts, is set to define their mission statement for their fast growing business.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia, June 13, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Paul van Oord is managing director and one of the founders of Pricewise Insulation, which operates the online store . He stated in a recent telephone interview – “we want insulation to be a positive experience for every one of our valuable customers. We have developed a company culture where the customer comes first. Our staff are motivated and encouraged to go the second mile for our customers. At the same time, we are happy that we can also contribute to a cleaner and greener planet. ”

When we asked what defined Pricewise Insulation’s core business, Mr Van Oord answered without hesitation – “insulation batts from some of the world’s best manufacturers – delivered direct to your door. We only sell top-notch brands of quality insulation batts, such as Earthwool, Pink Batts and GreenStuf. We’re proud of our brand, and we look after our customers.”

We discussed the challenges faced by the insulation industry. “As everyone knows, the insulation industry has been through a very rough ride following the so-called ‘Pink Batts scheme’. During the early days of the scheme, it was very difficult to source insulation batts for our customers, and the price of insulation went through the roof. At the same time, the market was flooded with an oversupply of low quality insulation imported from overseas. When the government scrapped the scheme, the demand for “free insulation” stopped abruptly, and insulation batts that were previously impossible to get hold of were now almost impossible to sell. Fortunately this didn’t last forever, and thanks to the ongoing construction boom, especially in the major capital cities, market prices have stabilized and we have capacity to supply insulation batts to practically anyone, anywhere in Australia.”

Paul Van Oord went on to explain the diversity of Pricewise's customers who buy insulation batts online from them. "our customers come from all walks of life - commercial builders, home builders and of course your mum and dad DIY renovatorswho need a couple of bags of insulation batts to install in a newlyconstructed wall or on the ceiling extension of their house."

About Pricewise Insulation: Pricewise Insulation sells thermal and acoustic insulation batts to all capital cities and many regional centres in Australia. Their key brands include Knauf Earthwool, Pink Batts, GreenStuf, Bradford Gold Batts and Kingspan’s hi-performance insulation products.

Pricewise supplies ceiling insulation, wall insulation, underfloor insulation and reflective foil at wholesale prices to the commercial and home builder market.

In addition to their own insulation warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, they also have an extensive network of partner suppliers throughout Australia. The business recently expanded into New Zealand and the Netherlands, and the management team are not ruling out capitalizing on further opportunities internationally.

To learn more about Pricewise Insulation visit their website here:

Press Contact: Paul van Oord Pricewise Insulation 11 Buch Avenue Epping, Melbourne, VIC 3076 Australia +61 1300 729 639
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Pricewise Insulation Set to Define Mission Statement Pricewise Insulation, one of Australia leading largest resellers of thermal and acoustic insulation batts, is set to define their mission statement for their fast growing business.