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Encapsulation Technology Shortens Dry Times After Cleaning The Carpet


Encapsulation Technology Shortens Dry Times After Cleaning The Carpet

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The time to clean residential and commercial carpet is before it looks soiled. the problem is that not many cleaning programs follow that rule. And when the decision is made to clean the carpet, restorative effort may be needed to bring the carpet back into an acceptable appearance. This typically ends in using a truckmount or high-powered portable carpet cleaning system, with high temperatures, strong chemicals and a tired, exhausted technician at the end of the work shift.

Interim encapsulation cleaning programs utilizing low moisture agitation and crystallization methods are becoming more and more popular as an effective way to ensure commercial carpet always looks good. It also makes scheduled restorative extraction cleaning much easier and less aggressive. Traditional cleaning Before implementing any cleaning program, cleaning managers must understand and believe in the reason for change.

This by no means limits other methods that professionals may use, or the combination of methods. After all, this is the era of innovation, so expect huge changes in the future of cleaning. This is where a low moisture encapsulation system comes in. Don't be surprised if it is eventually added to the above list as a "mainstream" cleaning method. The technology Every carpet should be regularly vacuumed. Everyone agrees. However, a vacuum cannot remove oily soils, or even dry soils, once they adhere to oily soils on the carpet fibers. Encapsulation chemicals utilize detergency just like the typical chemicals that you use right now.

When most people think of carpet cleaning, they automatically think of hot water extraction. In their mind, they can see the big truck out front and then they might think of the hours of drying time before they can walk on the carpet again.

In the case of hot water extraction, the carpet is sprayed heavily with a detergent, and in some cases a pre-conditioner, and then agitated by either a manual scrubbing wand or a tool, like the RotoVac Powerwand. In both cases the carpet is agitated and the water then removed with either a portable or truck mount system. The manual scrubbing tool is very labor intensive and only cleans the carpet in a back and forth motion.

The choice of potting compound for electronic encapsulation is usually dictated by the type of protection the component requires. In some cases, components may require extra protection from shock and vibrations while others may require to be well protected from moisture and chemicals. Failure to provide proper encapsulation can lead to component damage. It is also essential to understand design process in order to reduce the risk of errors. Different types of potting compounds have varied resistance to high temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to determine the thermal conditions and consider factors such as dwell and ramp times in addition to the variance in temperature expected.

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Encapsulation Technology Shortens Dry Times After Cleaning The Carpet