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Science Most Puzzling and Enduring Questions Answered? Concepts that eluded both Newton and Einstein, Steven Marek explains through the "light" of Time By Patrick Gallenberg, edited on Mar. 13 2014
In Press Releases and Company Profiles
Near Death Experience Reveals the Theory of Time (Everything). Understand Time creates the ability to understand Gravity, Black Holes, and Dark Matter -  1888PressRelease - I knew what had happening, I am there again, somewhere between life and death but this time I am ready with a list of questions and receive a vast amount of information. I remember my brain racing like wild fire during a session of questions with amazing simplicity of each answer. I do not know whom I was in contact, but it feels like a friend I have known and loved for a long time.  »
By Patrick Gallenberg, created on Feb. 13 2014
In Press Releases and Company Profiles
Are the rules of physics broken with NAKED SINGULARITIES? -  From Scientific American Jan 21st, 2009  »
By Udut, Kenneth, Brad Waugh, commented on Feb. 6 2009, 444
In Science