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Science interesting to me.Register with us in one easy step!

I am in love with certain deep issues of science. Nature of the Universe type stuff.

I keep reading articles and wishing I had saved them. Well, now I will start doing so, right here on my area of naplesplus.

I'll also publish my ramblings, feel free to comment on them.
Apple rumored to release smaller iPhone -  There are many people who like phones that are easier to hold in small hands or can fit more easily into their pockets  »
Everything is made of waves. There are no particles in the universe. -  Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) Dr Milo Wolff  »
Does observation change the quantum state? -  This always bothered me about quantum theory. Observation, Wave function collapse, many worlds theory, probabilitity, etc.  »
Primal Supernova -  The Church of the Primal Supernova.  »
Decision-Making makes the brain tired. -  Too many choices? Even a few choices can tax the brain and make you inefficient and, well, stupid.  »
Talking with Author Milo Wolff, WSM -  WSM: Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter  »
Everything is four dimensional (plus time) -  Why proteins fold, P=NP, four dimensions, four dimensional, 4th dimension, theory of everything  »
The Universe is a Hologram and we are really flatlanders. -  Forget Flat Earth Theory: How about Flat Universe Theory?  »
Laws of physics discovered by computer program! -  Generating working rules from massive amounts of data is a dream of scientists. It's becoming a reality - read on...  »
Science cannot fully describe reality. Wins Templeton Prize. -  Bernard d'Espagnat, 87 brings a much needed perspective, and wins award.  »
Are the rules of physics broken with NAKED SINGULARITIES? -  From Scientific American Jan 21st, 2009  »
Quantum Levitation thanks to the Casimir force -  Repulsive Force can lead to advances in nanomechanical devices, which are becoming less science fiction and more science fact!  »
"Quantum" sums up Science in 2008. -  It's a Quantum Year in Physics for 2008! New discoveries that put us in a different place than we were in 2007.  »
Outer space is closer than we thought! -  Earth's atmosphere stops a little closer to Earth than we had previously thought!  »
Quantum State of a Photon STORED on a new chip!
Breaking the Rules is contagious! -  Hanging around losers changes your social norms, believe it or not.  »
ANTI-MATTER IN THE BILLIONS -  Billions and billions of anti-matter particles created in small laboratory.  »
Build your own atom! (shockwave) -  get your quarks! Get your quarks here!  »
The universe is changing. God will soon be found. Large Hadron Collider now online. -  It is not online in Naples, FL, like naplesplus, but in Switzerland.  »
Regarding the photon -  uncertainty principle, particle wave, wave function collapse, does reality require observation to exist, consciousness, tree falling in a forest, nature of time  »
getting a "sense" of it all (a repost from a philospohy forum) -  I don't know why I was so inspired and it needs severe editing - but the 'gist' of the ideas are captured below.  »
THAT DARNED PHOTON (another repost) -  photons, quarks, massless particles, 4th dimension, uncertainty, belief=reality (only on a personal level, not as global reality), flatlanders, calculus  »
Is existance all in the mind? (repost) -  Is reality illusionary? Are we brains-in-vats? Or are we just incapable of understanding the totality of reality?  »
herbertsmithite: a new state of matter? -  The universe is latticework! triangles? Oh my!  »
Physicists store images in vapor -  Quantum computing amazement!  »
Zeno-effect: quick observations stops time, space and decay? -  One of the dumbest ideas around.  »