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Ant Bites

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Ant Bites * You can also pour bleach over an ant bite or put Vicks on it and it will stop the festering. My sister-in-law Cecile taught me this. [Joyce * My mother goes on and on about vinegar. It has helped me a lot with antbites. I just rub over the bite and within a few minutes it stops hurting. It also usually does not leave a mark if I do it right away. She drinks vinegar and water everyday and is 74 now without any health problems. She swears it cures everything. Cindy Z * Ant Bites- and other stings/bites: raw potato, finely grated, applied to a sting or bite, will reduce or remove swelling, and pulls the sting from the wound. Also works on spider bites, including black widow and Brown recluse- the potato will literally "suck" the poison into itself. vixaenblue
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Ant Bites