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Getting down and dirty in Naples

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Specialist Delivering the most suitable Mantra for Cherish back by Wazifa Cywar Iss0178

created by Cywar Iss on Jul. 7 2015

Naples Taxi inc
Naples Taxi, inc is the Best Taxi Company in Collier County by Naples Award. Contact Naples Taxi to try the Service
Figaro Gaston0127

created by Figaro Gaston on Dec. 15 2014

Utah Valley Nursery
Utah Valley Nursery- A Full service nursery offering annuals, vegetables, trees, shrubs, perennials & ornamentals.

In Greenhouse | Landscaping supply | Nursery

Jeff Shockley0294

created by Jeff Shockley on Apr. 19 2013 Septic Tank Additive - 72 Septic Tank Treatments
* Adds Bacteria to help break down waste and sludge * Helps to prevent Septic Tank backups and failures * Eliminates build-up in your drain field * Reduces the need for frequent pumping

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Chris Edwards0868

created by Chris Edwards on May 3 2011

Dave's Lawn and Snow Inc.

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Daves Lawn01,083

created by Daves Lawn on Oct. 28 2010

Super frugal gardening tips from my mother.
Potatoes, turnips, seeds and more!
Udut, Kenneth11,738

commented by Udut, Kenneth on Feb. 19 2010

Ken Udut's Naples, Florida Garden Dec 7 '09 555

In 34117 | Cucumbers | Garden

Udut, Kenneth0900

image uploaded by Udut, Kenneth on Dec. 7 2009

Excessive nutrients in plants and their effect on other nutrients. 555
Too much of nutrient can affect the uptake of other nutrients. See how here.

In Garden | Gardening | Nutrients

Udut, Kenneth02,186

created by Udut, Kenneth on Dec. 5 2009

My Naples FL Tomato Garden Journal
I'm still trying to figure out the best way to support my tomatoes.

In Gardening | Golden gate estates | NAPLES

Udut, Kenneth01,433

created by Udut, Kenneth on Nov. 19 2009

Many ways to support tomatoes (repost)

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edited by Udut, Kenneth on Nov. 13 2009

How do you grow tomatoes in South Florida? 555
To grow tomatoes in South Florida soils, first amend your soil at least 50/50 with organic matter. The easiest way is to layer it. For a tomato plant, dig a hole at least 18 inches wide and at least 12 inches deep, to accomodate root growth. Why so wide? Because of nematodes. When growing tomatoes in South Florida, nematodes are a tomato plant's worst enemy. Nematodes hate organic matter, so the more organic matter added, the better the nematode control.

In Advice | Gardening | How-to

Udut, Kenneth12,340

link posted by Udut, Kenneth on Oct. 24 2009

Ice those Cuban treefrogs, literally 444

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on Oct. 7 2009

Sober notes on Jatropha potential as biofuel 444
I'm excited about Jatropha as biofuel - but it's good to see some sober ideas to temper excitement before investing money.

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commented by Simplify3 on Apr. 11 2008

Peppers grow great in Naples! 444
If you want a vegetable that's easy to grow in SWFLA...

In Golden gate


created by Simplify3 on June 26 2007

Purple Martin Society of Collier County Forum 444
For the Purple Martin growers - a link to a forum

In Flowers | Gardening | Purple martin


created by Simplify3 on June 5 2007