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It was so funny, I forgot to... oh, never mind.

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Naples Taxi inc -  Naples Taxi, inc is the Best Taxi Company in Collier County by Naples Award. Contact Naples Taxi to try the Service  »
Re: A Laugh for the Day
Grandchildren - the crazy things they say! -  More funnies collected by my mother.  »
Male or Female
The Gingham Dress
Hooked on Phonics! (joke)
Dear Boss,
The Monk
An Elderly Gentleman... -  a few jokes  »
The Church Organist
Moving to Florida
A fish story -  A woman is in bed with her lover ...  »
dutch man builds Noah's ark
Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital...
Don't EVER be late! »
New US Dollar (stock market crash of 2008)
Things I've learned living in the South
Estate Planning -  Women are better at Estate Planning than men, no?  »
Words of Wisdom [humor]
a guy walks into a bar... -  "got any special drinks today?"  »
Father O'Malley
Jokes for Sept 15 '09 from my mother (rated PG)
The Yaya Sisters
Real Life Humor from the Reader's Digest
Biggest idiots of 2008
A woman's poem -  It's PG  »
Forgetter Be Forgotten -  It's about... oh, I forget.  »
Uncle Jay Explains Year-End of 2008 -  Video explaining 2008 so very well.  »
Fwd: Some Humor
Fwd: A Child's Point of View
Fwd: How Many Christians To Change A Light Bulb?
Fwd: Life Really Boils Down To Two Questions...
Fwd: Ain't It The Truth
Fwd: Great Pictures
Fwd: Eggs
Santa's Jigsaw
Japanese Banking Market Update (funny!) -  You'll roll over laughing as I did when you read this!  »
For all my disturbed friends...
Where do redhead babies come from?
Investment tips for 2008
Two ladies talking in heaven
A man returns home a day early from a business trip.
two little boys, lying on beds next to each other ... -  (it's a joke)  »
Elderly jokes - good ones!
This happened on a flight ready to depart for Detroit.
medical students and an old man
Peeing in the bushes
Remember these things (pics)
Remember these things (pics)
Remember these things (pics)