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Forotten Cures: Athlete's Foot

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Athlete's Foot * The quickest cure for Athlete's Foot is Ting. You get it at the pharmacy. [Chimes * I suffered from athletes foot (the "moccasin" type) for about 4-5 years. I tried all kinds of things. Then my brother (who had the same thing) told me he found the cure - Monostat 7!!! A guy he worked with told him about it. I was extremely skepticle, but I tried it - I saw/felt results the next day! In LESS than a week I was cured and haven't had it since! [Matt * As for athletes foot. I am a firm beliver in the many uses of bleach, I once got athletes foot however I did not realize it till it was real bad! I mixed one -two gallons of warm water with 1/2 cup bleach and soaked my feet in it for 30 min- 1 hour daily for about 3 DAYS TO ONE WEEK. iT CURED IT! Carolyn * Under the Athlete's Foot section, you have bleach recomended. This works, but it is a lot more dangerous than people would expect. Bleach is very powerfull. It is the only substance in the world that is known to kill every living thing, with afew rare exceptions. Excessive exposure to bleach will cause our chromosomes to mutate. Ask any chemist. It is not recommended to use of bleach for apllication to any body part. Sam Windel (Everyone, please note: As with all "cures" on this page, they are for entertainment only, I do not advocate their use. So please "use" them in the manner for which I've intended. Thank you!) * I once developed a severe case of athletes foot that wouldn't respond to anything-and i tried every OTC treatment i could find. It was so bad and my feet would itch so intensely that i would scratch them-many times to the point of bleeding. The skin between the toes was cracked and often bled. The odour was foul. This was ongoing for over a years time. Then i came across some information about garlic that led me to beleive it might provide some relief, so i tried it. I peeled and sliced some garlic cloves, placed the slices between the toes and with some old sheets, made some bandages in which i wrapped my feet. I then put on socks and shoes and continued with my task (i was driving a truck at the time). Within a few short minutes, i could actually 'taste' the garlic and of course, it made my feet 'sting' and 'burn' so i couldn't leave it on for very long. I left it on as long as i could 'stand it' - (i think it was around 30 mins) then simply removed the 'bandages' and garlic and THAT'S IT! Nothing else! Thats been over 10 years ago and I've never gotten so much as a 'hint' of it since. William Meadows * Oregano oil for athletes foot or any other small wound or rash. Just rub it in. Ervin P. * An alcohol soaked Q-tip applied to the affected areas works well. Don Joliff
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Forotten Cures: Athlete's Foot