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Forgotten Cures: Diaper Rash

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Diaper Rash * This is relatively new but it works. Take Maalox and rub it on the babys bottom before you put on anything else, this will neutralize the acid in the babies waste. It works wonders as long as you apply healing agents over the Maalox. Billy * We had an old fashioned pediatrician and when our daughter got a bad bout of diaper rash we were told to mix maloxx (sp) or any antacid with cold cream and put on I guess the antacid removes the acid from the skin and the cold cream keeps it in place and cool...It worked the best !! and it was much faster to help heal!! Debi * Bag Balm orks great for diaper rash, too. Mama Cas * I worked with a man who had colon cancer and had a colostomy reversed. He was rashed up to the point of being unbearable. I told him to have his wife do this, since they had used every immaginable potion and lotion over the counter and doctor perscribed without help. Scourched all purpose flour works best and quickest. You take all purpose flour, scatter it on a cookie sheet and bake it until it is good and scourched. Let it cool and use as a powder. She made it for him that day, the next day; he came in and said his rash was almost totally gone and he was so much relieved. I've used it on my children and now my grandchildren. Best and cheapest cure going. Nancy W. * Cornstarch: Clean the area with a warm moistwashcloth (do not a baby wipe-it will burn the skin) do not dry the area - then sprinklecornstarch on the irritatedarea. (Hint:Cornstarch does notmix well with liquid (it's like vinegar and oil) therefore it keeps theskindry (keeps urine from burning the skin). Nancy B. * My first baby had an ugly diaper rash - bright red and raw - numerous trips to the doctor, expensive prescription ointments and all - nothing worked. An older woman saw me changing her diaper and said "If you want to cure that - put Crisco on it". I thought, why not - tried everything else, so I did. It was cleared up in a day or so and she never got diaper rash again! Debbie * My mother in law told me about this one: When my oldest son was an infant, he had a terrible diaper rash. She told me to find a dirtdobbers nest and crush it up and sprinkle it on him. i didn't think it would work, but to my surprise, it i continued to use it on my other children when they would get a diaper rash. Yes, it sounds nasty, but it really works great. Melissa * For diaper rash - my mother did foster care as I was growing up, and she always used "udder ointment." I used it on my two children when they were little and it always worked. You can buy it at Walmart (at least in Ohio you can) and possibly in a pharmacy. White container with cow spots for coloring on it. Hope you try it! Sabe
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Forgotten Cures: Diaper Rash