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Forgotten Cures: Fever

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Fever * Aconite for fever. That remedy really worked. You took two drops per teaspoon of water, if high fever. And usually one took two teaspoons every two hours. If fever wasn't very high, one drop per teaspoon was given every two hours until fever dropped. Wilma * I remember my mother telling me, when she was a young girl, she had a high fever and her father took a large onion, cut it in half and put the cut part against her feet and tied them there. She didn't remember the length of time but said the onion turned black and her fever went away. Loretta Goss * As with the sunburn, the same ability of vinegar will also bring a fever down in someone who is very warm. It appears to only work locally where it is applied. * Hot Lemonade: My parents always made me drink it just before bedtime if I had a fever. I have never heard of anyone else doing it. [Mike
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Forgotten Cures: Fever