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Forgotten Cures: Headaches

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Headache * My wife puts Vicks Vapor Rub on her eyelids and temples as well as under her nose for a severe headache. Rick Fogle * I have suffered from migraines and arthritis for about 15 years. I finally came accross a "Chi Machine" which I now have a distributorship, and it has been almost a year since I have had any headache or suffer with arthritis. Any problem that I have, I go lay on the Chi Machine for about 10-20 minutes and the pain is gone. This machine is very expensive ($480.00 plus tax) but has paid for itself many times over. Any one interested in this alternative to medicine, please contact me at: I promise you it helps. It also helps so many other problems. Thank you. [Debi Evans * Sinus Headache? My grandmother that was full blooded Cheerokee Indian use to get mustard seeds, put them on a cloth (long enough to reach around her head) and beat the seeds to a pulp, roll up the cloth and place the mustard seed pulp on her forehead and bring the cloth arround her head and tie the cloth in back. The hot heat she said would ease her head and not knowing what was happening (it opened up her sinuses allowing them to drain) said it would cause her "nose to run". The headache would ease and stop. My mother said she had seen her do this many times. when I was a boy of about ten years old I seen a rag tied around my grandmother's head but did not knonw why. I thought sense she was an indian she "just" liked it. Victor * For headaches; with you thumb and forefinger press the fleshy part between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Do this as long as possible alternating hands. If it hurts to press....that's good. Dora Schwemley * I have discovered that 'nasal snuff' especially 'Wilson's medicated no. 99' is great for warding off the type of headaches that can develop after a day's fishing and driving. It seems to create an outlet for the build up of tension and fluids caused by getting too much sun reflection as well. Try it - it works for me! 'Royal George' snuff is good for neck tention too. Regan Clan * When one happens to out in the Forrest and develops a headache (assuming you didn't bring aspirins) Just chew on a willow twig. Aspirin is made with a base of willow oil. This also gives relief from a tooth ache. [Gwen * Next time you have a headache just apply a little amount of bengay on the forehead and keep it above your eyebrow's. It works real fast in taking away the pain out of a headache or a migraine. Rosa
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Forgotten Cures: Headaches