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2448 Pine Ridge Rd NAPLES, FL 34109 (239)389-2433

2448 Pine Ridge Rd
NAPLES, FL 34109

Registered by:
Slice Of Pie Inc.
NAPLES, FL 34109

Business located at coordinates: 26.211463, -81.769563
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With many new items on the menu, and a newly remodeled restaurant recently on the rise, Joey’s Pizza and Pasta House is now bigger, better and offers a new indoor-outdoor, bar-side service featuring the fabulous weather that made Marco famous. The savory and captivating aroma drifting out from Joey’s 257 North Collier location is enough to make even the recently satiated salivate, and can conjure up fun-filled memories and experiences from the past.

For me, growing up in the remote mountains of eastern Tennessee, there were some serious culinary challenges. Cooking traditions on the Cumberland Plateau were not something to be changed lightly, no matter what new taste sensations were sweeping across America.

In communities everywhere, folks sit around a table and talk about food. One of the memories I will always cherish is hearing my uncle tell the tale of what pizza tasted like in the big city of Chattanooga. Living in rural Crossville, Tenn. in the early 1960s, my family had never been exposed to pizza, garlic, or for that matter, just about anything that wasn’t seasoned with both kinds of spice — salt and pepper. In fact, I can still recall the conversation as the relatives sat around the table with the big-city uncle from Chattanooga.

“That’s right,” Uncle Henry began, “They call it a pizza pie, but it’s not sweet at all. Everyone is trying it, and I do have to admit, it really does taste good.

“Well, what kind of a pie is it?” Granny asked suspiciously.

“It just has a bottom crust, and that part is covered with tomato sauce, then they top it with sausage, onion, cheese, and I think they even use garlic. Then they cook it in an oven until the cheese melts and the crust gets crispy.”

“Garlic?” Granny scoffed. “Everybody knows that you should never cook with garlic! If you cook with garlic, your house will smell like a foreigner!”

Granny would be shocked if she stepped out of a car near Joey’s. Not only does the incredible home-cooking Italian aroma that everyone knows and loves flavor the atmosphere, but at Joey’s newly remodeled restaurant, there is much more going on than pizza and pasta.

After a gracious and warm welcome from Monica, the Culinary Adventuress and I, savored the airborne delicacies coming from Joey’s kitchen.

With the new remodeling at Joey’s, there are some exciting new items on the menu that must be showcased but with Joey’s diverse “something for everyone” menu, the choices can be wonderfully distracting.

After realizing that Joey’s signature pizza is award-winning and that all of Joey’s delicious hot and cold subs are always tempting, and the pasta dishes with the heavenly garlic dough-knot bread and crisp salads can sway, there is something new to consider that garlic lovers must try.

After finding Steak Vesuvio on the new Joey’s menu, I became tempted away from the traditional. The price for Joey’s signature steak is only $21.95, and the description sounded too good not to try. For fellow aficionados of garlic, this entrée is a must.

Joey’s new steak Vesuvio is a truly a treat with a grilled and cooked to order New York strip, with sliced roasted potatoes awash in a savory and tangy white wine, garlic, and olive oil sauce. The peas served in the mix of roasted potatoes and fresh basil, sautéed onions and garlic, add a sweetness to compliment the garlic and the overall combination of new tastes. Joey’s New York strip is definitely one to remember. This is the type of entrée that will conjure a memory and bring patrons back again and again.

Vicki Lynn chose from the Joey’s specialty subs menu and decided on the portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese and spinach on a crispy baked garlic roll. For $9.95, this is a very tasty and healthy sub flavored with everything wonderful from Joey’s kitchen. The garlic bread was crispy, the portabella mushroom hearty, and the roasted red peppers and spinach a delightful combination.

“Absolutely delicious” was the official review comment.

Our compliments to Monica, Stephanie and Santo and all the staff at Joey’s. The new menu is as successful as the renovations!

The new indoor and outdoor seating features an outside bar that is serviced from the inside, and is great for that alfresco feel. Big sliding widows really do bring the great outdoors inside at Joey’s.

Joey’s Pizza and Pasta House is open seven days from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. nightly. Lunch specials are featured daily and takeout and catering are only a phone call away at 389-2433. Whenever traveling in Naples a Joey’s location can be found at Airport Pulling and Pine Ridge roads.

Whether it is for pizza, pasta, subs or evening entrees that are sure to salivate, Joey’s Pizza and Pasta House just might be the best new venue for a new taste experience that will not be forgotten, even if the sautéed garlic at Joey’s does smell wonderfully exotic, Italian and foreign to grannies in Tennessee.

Tom Williams debut adventure/thriller novel “Lost and Found” has been released by Archebooks and is now available on Amazon. A website with reviews and storyline is available at
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Joeys Pizza & Pasta can be reached at (239) 659-3003 2448 Pine Ridge Rd Naples, FL 34109-2007

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JOEY'S PIZZA + PASTA HOUSE 2448 Pine Ridge Rd NAPLES, FL 34109 (239)389-2433