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New features at


New features at

Sent on June 18 2007 at 10:50 pm to "all"


Hi everybody! This is your webmaster, Ken.

New features you might not have see at

We have a clock with the date! You know how your computer doesn't have the date showing in the bottom right hand corner? It's annoying, isn't it?

Well, now on there's beautiful looking clock (with the seconds running) on the right side of every page. Right now it says,

"Mon, Jun 18, 2007"
"7:43:22 pm"

Yeah, I'm excited about that! You could just keep the website open somewhere and refer to it when you need to use the nice date/time clock. [I do, but then again, I'm always on it 'cause I'm always working on it]

More new features;

Live RADAR for Collier County. It works in most webbrowsers. You can get to it from the front page by looking for "Live! Collier County RADAR". Coutesy of Weather Underground. It's perfectly centered on Collier County, and you can watch the clouds roll by.

Let's see, what else might you have missed?

Jobs! Everytime a new job located in the Collier County area is posted, we get it. [we don't get the government jobs on that list, but they're available through a link on our site to the CC Govt webpage]

News! Oh my gosh. I'm waiting for the webpage to break. Last I checked, there were 9,999 links to news stories (whether bands playing, or breaking news, or weather or club activities) that are all unique! I think it might be more than 9,999 and the website just can't tell me what's past 9,999!

The search feature is a great way to find articles in the past week. Want to see if there is an assault somewhere around here? Just lookup the word "assault". News in Golden Gate Estates? Just type in: Golden Gate Estates

We try to make it easy.

What else is new? Oh, we get Dear Abby now and Dear Margo. We get 'em the night before they show up in the newspapers! I know that's not Collier County but I like reading them just the same.

I hope you'll come and let me know what works on the site, what could use a little tweaking... and hopefully we can get some chatting started in the message boards.

I want this to be a hangout - a good online destination that's worthy of your time.

Hope I've helped!

Kenneth Udut
Webmaster, (yes, it doesn't have a name yet)

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New features at Sent on June 18 2007 at 10:50 pm to