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Wilson Plaza new store openings update for April 22, 2009


Wilson Plaza new store openings update for April 22, 2009

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on May 14 2008, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

Great for Golden Gate Estates! Quite a few stores are already open on Wilson Blvd + Golden Gate Blvd, Naples, FL


See map at: Map of Wilson Plaza in Golden Gate Estates
-  April 22, 2009: Sunshine Pharmacy Opening Apr 23rd!
-  Dec 11, 2008: Seascape Pool Supply appears to be closed now and Adam's Dry Cleaners has moved near Publix @ Immokalee and 951. But in good news, there's activity at Sunshine Pharmacy and Walgreens - so we'll have pharmacies within a year it seems! --- maybe sooner.
-  Naples Latin American Grill -- It's open! 352-7944 - Monday-Saturday: 6am - 10pm Sunday 6am-7pm
-  Image Tan is open! 239-353-7500
-  Collier County Tax Office Open At Wilson Plaza!Collier County Tax Collector is now open!
-  Hill's Pak 'n Mail Plus
" Hill's Pak 'n Mail Plus,we provide shipping and packing services for naples and surrounding counties.we also have a pickup service,for fedex or dhl,usps.we have scales and pos systems in the van,so that we can do the job right on the spot.we also carry packing material ,just in case you need something packed,we also carry stamps..ect.if you don't feel like coming to us,we'll come to phone # 239-331-2517 fax # 239-331-2527 "

-  Farmer Jack's supermarket FARMER JACKS MARKET -- OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Cheap beer and a supermarket for Golden Gate Estates. (new)   July 7, 2008 - I stopped in there today, picked up some things. They've got a little bit of everything you need on a daily basis. Their prices seem to be right on the mark and they've got a deli and plenty of beer. Their official opening will be Wednesday, July 9th, 2008! It'll be nice to be able to get everything DONE without having to cross Wilson Blvd!
-  Seascape Pools Inc SEASCAPE POOL SUPPLIES INC - pool supply
(new)  These guys are OPEN and ready for business! Phone: 239-431-6599 Pool supply AND Well supply (Citric Acid, Softener salt, etc) that's in our backyards! We've already sent them a handful of customers from reading this page! Kudos to Ken (me) and thanks for the feedback Greg (from Seascape)! It's good to know that this effort bears fruit and helps the local economy and gets people to know about local products + services they might not have known about otherwise.

-  Premier Fitness Club
Now open! See this page for more info: Premier Fitness Club in Golden Gate Estates Naples, FL is open!

-  Fayard Hardware FAYARD HARDWARE, Naples, FL - 2 locations!
Fayard Hardware is an all purpose hardware store. If you ever lived "up north", you'll remember that every small town had a local hardware store. Well, for us Golden Gate Estates residents, this is it!

I stopped in a couple of days ago to check it out. Their selection is good: screw, nuts, bolts and nails, hand tools, spray paint, and, well, pretty much what you'd hope to find at a local hardware store.

This is Fayard Hardware. They're local, their prices are right on target and they have a little bit of everything. It's great, especially if you are in the middle of a project and you don't want to run all the way out. I expect Fayard Hardware to become a household name within a year, "Listen honey, I gotta run to Fayard" or simply, "Honey, I'll be back in a few minutes (when's the last time you were able to say THAT living out here?) - I'm going to the hardware store". Once Fayard becomes "the hardware store" in your daily vocabulary, then you KNOW they'll be a part of your life for years go come. They've already come to the rescue with some pvc pipes and some nuts and bolts I needed for a small project last week.

-  Unlimited Wireless / Metro PCS
For your MetroPCS needs!

-  Adams Dry Cleaners ADAMS DRY CLEANERS
I haven't stopped in here yet either, but dang, every neighborhood needs a dry cleaner! My Golden-Blend k-mart 5 for $10 t-shirts may never need dry cleaning, but I have a suit or two that needs the occasional TLC.
You can reach them at: 353-6572
(new)   Adams Dry Cleaning just called me up to let me know that all new customers will get a 10% discount, so it might be a good time to switch dry cleaners and save you some $$$!

Our own dollar store. What they used to call a 5 and 10. A little bit of everything. Got a party and needs colorful plates and cups? Here it is! I can vouch for one thing that's danged hard to find anywhere that they have: glue traps. Yes, those old fashioned traps for palmetto bugs (florida roaches) that have no poison in them. Just sticky glue. They've got them, and for that reason ALONE, even if nothing else, they've got my heart.

Update provided by Kenneth Udut of NeighborHelp Referrals - a business on a mission of promoting small businesses - and NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping - got rats, armadillos, bees or snakes? We're the ones to call. 239-465-9291 Also see: if you want me to apply the same marketing I did for naplesplus and affordable trapping and neighborhelp referrals to YOUR Naples FL business!
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Simplify3 on Jul. 12 2008 edit · delete
(new)   ALMOST WILD coming soon too!
Florida's Ultimate Miss 08'-09' on Jul. 21 2008 edit · delete
I'M looking for the Image Tan phone number does anyone have it Or know who the owner is i can really help them out with PR. Kimberly Bechtel Florida's Ultimate Miss 2008-2009
SpicyLo on Sep. 3 2008 edit · delete
Image tan is open phone # 239-353-7500
Simplify3 on Oct. 13 2008 edit · delete
Ground is breaking for Wilson Plaza's own Walgreens! Don't know when it'll open, but it's a-comin'!
Wilson Plaza new store openings update for April 22, 2009 Great for Golden Gate Estates! Quite a few stores are already open on Wilson Blvd + Golden Gate Blvd, Naples, FL