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Naples Really Really FREE Market


Naples Really Really FREE Market

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Melissa Plotkin -- on Apr. 22 2010

May 1 2010

Come join us in this COMMUNITY BUILDING gathering representing the Gift Economy. The idea is to gather once a month to share everything from useable items, skills, ideas, resources, MUSIC, smiles, talents/performances, crafts, games, plants, FOOD, discussions and anything else. what do you feel called to give? Perhaps it's as simple as a hug. The most beautiful aspect of this event is to witness the friendships blossom and the community growing together.
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010 Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm Location: Fleischmann Park - in front of the basketball courts (across from Coastland Center Mall) 1200 Fleischmann Blvd, Naples, FL 34102

Everyone is welcome at this free event, where all are encouraged to give, receive, and create on their own terms.

As a Reminder: We look forward to seeing more skill sharing and people openly expressing themselves (whether it be drumming, practicing/leading yoga or tai chi, offering massages or hair cuts, juggling... whatever it is that one feels inclined to offer- the only limits are one's imagination!). And Remember: you do not need the okay from any person to set something up- the RRFM is a non-hierarchical event, which means that each person who comes plays a role in creating the event s/he wants to see. Please keep in mind what is appropriate for the park (no fire, etc.) and for the image of the RRFM.. therefore, if you are unsure if your idea would slide, please inquire at naplesreallyreallyfree [at] gmail [dot] com.

The Really Really Free Market is a mirror - it reflects what we give and the connectedness of our community. It’s up to us to demonstrate there is a better way to live, to love. Intrinsic value, use value, not market value. we can start to value each other again, and the gifts that the Earth brings to us this Spring. Let us celebrate together. You make the market happen!

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Naples Really Really FREE Market