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How to get ear wax out of your ears for free.

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(note: This is an answer I gave to a question someone asked on Ask.)

"simplify3: Move your jaw a lot. Yawn as much as you can. Chew gum. Make your ear "click". (if your jaw is clicking rather than your ear, then you might want to look up TMJ).

What moves earwax down the ear canal is chewing. There are small thin tubes of "goo" that connect between your mouth, nose and ears. That goo can't be forced to move anywhere but it can be encouraged by chewing.

Do you have a bad tooth on the side where your ear is clogged? If you have a bad tooth and you're not chewing on that side, THAT'S the side that's going to be clogged.

Don't use Q-tips or anything that will shove the wax further in. If you are going to mechanically remove the ear wax, do it very very carefully and don't dig deep. (better off not digging at all).

The peroxide method: Put a few drops of hydrogen perodixe in your ear as your head is tilted sideways and slightly back (ie - tilt your nose up while your head is sideways).

Sizzle sizzle. Keep it in that position. You can put in plugs in your ear or just stay in that position for as long as you humanly can. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour. Stay there until it stops bubbling, and keep it in that position even longer.

Then when you're ready, tilt your head the exact OPPOSITE WAY. (ear facing down, nose pointing down a little). That'll empty the stuff out of the ear. Just let the yucky stuff drip out. It'll get on your shirt, it'll be disgusting. But it's a start.

Then, when you've recouperated.... do it again.

Might take three or four times. Might take a day or two. But as long as you don't shove that ear wax back into your ear, there's a chance that this method might work for you.

If not, spend the $150-300 and get a doctor to do it for you. (I wish there were cheap "ear wax remover" specialists) -Ken, long time ear wax sufferer. "
-- I have an ear ache and I don't have ear drops what can I do to fix it - Ask Community
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How to get ear wax out of your ears for free.