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Herbal Vitiligo Treatment

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Vitiligo disease or skin disorder is due to pigmentary loss. The patients with Vitiligo develops white patches on the skin which is due to the loss of melanin in melanocytes. The severity and the location of the white patches of Vitiligo differs from person to person. The common areas where the white patches of Vitiligo commonly experienced are mostly sun exposed area i.e hands, face, upper part of the chest it also develops mostly around body openings which include eyes, nostrils, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, genitalia or the body folds like arm pits and groin. Sites of injury cuts, scrapes or burns are also affected by Vitiligo. Hair may also be affected once the Vitiligo starts to spread and early greying of hair of the scalp, beard or other areas are visible. It is also been observed that area immediately surrounding pigmented moles are most commonly affected by Vitiligo. Also some times Choroid of the eye is affected by Vitiligo in a Vitiligo patient due to loss of pigmentation.

The term Vitiligo is believed to be derived from Latin word in which the prefix Vitium means “Mark or blemish” and “ligo” in Latin is commonly used as Cause or bind. It is also believed that Vitiligo has existed at least as long as the recorded history of man, and probably before that, as similar conditions are seen in many other animals. References to Vitiligo white patches are mentioned in the bible, and in ancient Chinese and Greek writings too.
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Herbal Vitiligo Treatment