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How to learn anything new quickly.

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All the steps to learn anything about anything.

How to learn anything new quickly:

1) Find an expert (Real Life (tm) or Youtube. Suspend your disbelief and trust their word as Gold. 2) Have them show you what they do / what they know / what you want to learn. 3) Whenever the smallest thing confuses you - a word or phrase you don't understand - a part of the process that doesn't make sense: Stop them immediately and ask questions, measure, try it out, look up more information on Wikipedia, find diagrams, other explanations of the same thing worded differently. Do not continue until you have grasped it, whether it takes you a few seconds, a minute, or a day. If it is a point that you need to feel, touch or taste, then set up an experiment, take something apart, try to put something together - really GRASP it completely to your fullest satisfaction. Put it in your own words, find analogies to other things you already know about. If you continue before you are absolutely sure you understand and fully comprehend something, you will find yourself slipping further and further before finally, you give up on the topic saying, "it's too difficult". Don't. See it through and don't let it be boring to you. Find a 'hook" that makes it interesting for you. 4) When you do fully comprehend a point, allow them to continue (or press "play"). 5) Repeat steps 2-4 until you are satisfied about the topic. 6) Teach somebody else what you have learned as soon as you can. This CEMENTS what you have learned in your mind, for you learn more by TEACHING someone else than by learning it all just for yourself. Learning comes from understanding, sharing and feedback. That's a fact.

I applied it to 'Dissecting an Engine" video. Watched a few seconds. Any term I did not know fully or understand, i looked up. When I "got it", i reworded it, found an illustrative picture, and explained it on my status update on Facebook. 'i learn, you learn'. That 1/2 hr video I "digested" in tiny 20-30 second increments on and off throughout the day, while doing my regular things, which made for a comfortable pace of learning new material and didn't interfere with other things.

Example: If you know a cook whose recipe you adore (and they're willing), ask them to show you how to make it. Now, people who cook for a long time don't usually measure everything - they just have a 'feel' for the right amounts.

Let's say it's a baker, and she grabs a handful of flour and is about to toss it into a bowl. Before it goes into the bowl, STOP HER and measure the flour and write it down. let her continue. she pours something else in the palm of her hand. Before she tosses it in, STOP HER, measure it, then let her continue. Keep that going and you'll end up with a recipe - FROM AN EXPERT - that becomes REPEATABLE. HER INTUITION is ENCODED in the amounts she uses for her recipe - and while you may not gain her INTUITION of the proper amounts to you, you WILL be able to make the same recipe.

-Kenneth Udut, naples, florida, feb 26, 2012
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How to learn anything new quickly. All the steps to learn anything about anything.