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MMA Announces A Fantastic New Summer Camp


MMA Announces A Fantastic New Summer Camp

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MMA is proud to announce that they now offer a fantastic new summer camp.

January 4, 2013 - MMA is proud to announce that they now offer a fantastic new summer camp. If you have a son with ADHD, you will be happy to hear about this new initiative that will offer your son everything he could possibly need to better manage his condition. The summer camp is designed to give young people discipline, routine and, most of all, fun. This is surely a piece of good news that many of us have been waiting for.

The summer camp will run once a year and youngsters between 12 and 17 (18 if they haven't yet graduated from a high school) can attend it. Best of all, as you can see on, kids from all over the globe are able to attend this summer camp. The camp is on for four weeks, during which time kids will get to know each other and people from other cultures and countries. At the same time, they will lead a healthy lifestyle, including a lot of physical exercise. At the core of the program, however, lie fun and a sense of belonging, something that is particularly suitable for kids with ADHD or ADD.

The leaders of the camp are incredibly experienced and some real top athletes lead the exercises. Kids will learn how to impose discipline on themselves, something they often need to learn. The challenges are very challenging, but they are fun and kids will enjoy taking part in them. Completing them by working together with other youngsters will give them a real sense of pride in themselves, their abilities and achievements.

It is this sense of community and working together that really makes the summer camp so interesting. From the moment they get up to the moment they go back to bad, kids will work together to push their own limits. They will go further than they thought they could and they will come out a better person, probably eagerly anticipating a return to summer camp the following year. What young child wouldn't like to take part in paint balling or rappelling?

If you are interested in the summer camp, please browse this website for further information. You can also contact MMA on 956.423.6006. Whether you simply want some additional info or whether you want to book your son on their upcoming summer camp, someone will be there to speak to you and answer any questions.

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MMA Announces A Fantastic New Summer Camp  MMA is proud to announce that they now offer a fantastic new summer camp.