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Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar Services


Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar Services

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Ground Penetrating Radar Survey services have been increasingly finding importance, especially in the oil and gas industry., a leading player in this technology, speaks about how the GPR technology is being made use of.

Scotland, UK: Damage to the underground structures, especially pipes can cause a great loss to oil and gas companies as it is quite a difficult task to identify and locate the problem areas. Ground penetrating radar survey technology makes this process simpler and helps in detecting problem more accurately and quickly. The recent development in technology have made it even more capable of detecting problems with underground structures and made the job easy for workers. The GPR technology is now being applied in a variety of situations, mainly in the oil and gas industry.

Detection of leaks in pipes Leakage in underground pipes is not uncommon in oil and gas industry due the extreme amount of pressure these pipes have to withstand. But, locating the exact position of leakage is a difficult task. Unrepaired leaks can cause damage to the infrastructure which can be catastrophic. This problem can be solved with the help of GPR survey technology, which provides a suitable and fast method to identify possible areas where the pipes are damaged, giving the accurate location to dig and repair.

Identifying ground composition It is a very important to start a ground survey before starting a new construction. For better structural integrity, different methods are used for various soil types. The GPR survey technology helps to scan below concrete structures. It can even map rebar within the concrete. This helps in saving a lot of time and money.

Taking Advantage of GPR

Saves money Using GPR services eliminate the chances of job down time as this is a non-destructive testing method. The cost of employing this service is very low compared to the money involved in an average project in the oil and gas industry, which makes it a necessary choice.

Reduced Risks The GPR technology is absolutely safe and does not involve any harmful radiations. This willalso make the site safer for workers by providing a clear idea on the subsurface materials at the site.

Quality Assurance The technology also helps in monitoring the structures as they are built to make sure that they strictly adhere to the specifications as mentioned in the design plan. is a leading player in the oil and gas sector offering state of the art technical solutions to various problems in the industry. The company offers services like laser scanning, ground penetrating radar surveys, 3D visualization & modeling, computer aided engineering drafting & designing etc. With over a decade of experience, has successfully completed the most challenging and diverse projects globally which is supported by their comprehensive ISO 9001:2008 quality systems, thus ensuring delivery integrity.

“Using our engineering expertise and proprietary technology, we deliver innovative solutions that can enhance your operations and increase productivity.” says the company.

About Tech27 Systems is a technology solutions provider and engineering service company that uses advance computer systems, to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.

For more information about asset optimization and tracking system and vibration exposure tracking system, please visit:

Contact: Tech27 Systems Ltd Blairs College South Deeside Road Aberdeen AB12 5LF Scotland United Kingdom T +44 (0)1224 860304 M +44(0) 7900430255
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Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar Services Ground Penetrating Radar Survey services have been increasingly finding importance, especially in the oil and gas industry., a leading player in this technology, speaks about how the GPR technology is being made use of.