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Online Name Card and Name Card Printing


Online Name Card and Name Card Printing

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Teknoprint is an online name card design, name card printing shop

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Print a name card/ or online name card/ is important for representing or introduce your self, your company or your business to other people, its not just a piece of paper, not just a words without a meaning, its describe who you are, what are you into, work, home adress, office adress, phone number or let's just say it says all the vital things about you that people need to know, and its definitely a must have item when you doing a business. Nowadays, there's so many peoples doing interaction online, either its by social media, gadget or a smart phone or even a forum, but before all of it, the simple things was a name card, it was classy, straight, clear yet elegant way to introduce your self in any important forum,and teknoprint will help you get your name card ready in instant.

How to choose and print a name card/ cetak kartu nama in name card online/ kartu nama online at teknoprint Selecting a name card design its not an easy decision, we have to choose the right design so our name card will represent it self. In teknoprint, you won't get confused by the name card design, because they will guide you to choose the right one. If its for business, the name card should be simple, easy to read, and contain just the most important things, such as, name, adress, company name, phone number or email, it had to be unique, effective and simple, so people will recognize it right away. Teknoprint definitely knows what best for you in an instant.

Package rate for making and print name card/ cetak kartu nama at name card online/ kartu nama online teknoprint

Teknoprint always give the best solution and always had the best rate and all the easy way for the customer. They give a package rate to make it easy to choose for the customer, the package rate contain price nett per box you'll going to take, with special paper, and exclusive design. There are A - F package, each contains specific price for how much name card you need. With a money back guarantee if the customer not satisfied with teknoprint service, and a "if you order before 12 noon, your name card will be send in the same day", teknoprint really give all the easiest way for the customer in order to print a name card/ cetak kartu nama with name card online/ kartu nama online shop only at teknoprint.

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Online Name Card and Name Card Printing  Teknoprint is an online name card design, name card printing shop