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Increasing Cases of Arthritis Diseases in Cats


Increasing Cases of Arthritis Diseases in Cats

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Everything you need to know about arthritis in cats, explained by the pet experts

David City, NE: Most pet owners are under the assumption that arthritis is a disease that affects only senior dogs. But it has been found that, though older dogs are more prone to arthritis, the disease is also growing among cats as well. Arthritis in Cats: What is it? Feline arthritis is painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints that can reduce mobility and elicit pain. The most common form of arthritis in cats is called osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis involves the thinning of joint cartilage (a protective cushioning between bones), the buildup of fluid within the joint, and, ultimately, the formation of bony growths within the joint. Over time, the roughness created by these bony growths can lead to reduced joint mobility and pain. Arthritis in Cats: Symptoms to Watch Out For The three visible signs of arthritis in cats are: 1. Reduced Mobility 2. Reduced Activity 3. Change in Behavior Identifying the disease at the earliest is crucial in saving your pet from harm. Be concerned about possible osteoarthritis in your cat, if any of the above-mentioned signs are noticed. Arthritis in Cats: Treatment Options Once feline arthritis is diagnosed, providing the best veterinary treatment is the only thing any pet owner could do. Depending on the severity of the disease, veterinarians might follow various treatment methods such as anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications etc. In most cases, cats would have to undergo weight loss management and dieting as per the nutritional pet supplements advised. Cats suffering from arthritis can still leada happy & comfortable lives if they receive proper treatment and care; identification of the disease at primary stage & providing the best treatment and care is very important to tackle arthritis in cats. is a highly popular pet store which offers cat supplies, dog supplies, horse supplies, livestock supplies and more at very low prices. The company has its roots in a small barn behind the home of Dr. Raymond Metzner in the mid western town of David City, NE. From its humble beginning in 1970 as a small mail order animal vaccine company, KV Supply has grown into a complete pet, horse and human health supply company with customers around the world. To learn more on pet medicine and best dog supplies by visiting
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Increasing Cases of Arthritis Diseases in Cats Everything you need to know about arthritis in cats, explained by the pet experts