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Project Billing Software


Project Billing Software

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Project management is an important aspect of service oriented firms. Project management includes several components like planning, execution, tracking time as well as billing to the client and this can at times create complications leading to in accuracy in accounting. Integrating various project management variables for creating the perfect outcome is difficult manually and this is where project management, time and billing software comes into play. There are plenty of players in the market who offer project management and billing software's but one of the high quality and top end software is the project billing software promoted and managed by TimeSolv. This project billing software offers expense tracking and billing with hourly and project fee billing options. One of the most important aspects is that it is accessible 24x7 over the internet.

What are the other benefits you can derive from this project billing software? There are many but let us look at some of the important ones:

Tracking and Billing at any location Some of the big firms have service and project teams situated across geographical boundaries with offices around the world. For the same purpose, you will require and internet hosted project billing and management software so that it enhanced the billing to clients in foreign locations across the world. The salient point of this project billing software is that it can be used offline as well as online. So if a professional of your firm updates the billing or tracking information of a particular project over the internet sitting in Budapest then you will be able to check it sitting in Los Angeles or Beijing.

The project billing software also offers flexible invoicing options. If you are billing a foreign client then the software will recalculate un-billed entries on the basis of the conversion rate changes like Dollar to Pounds or Dollar to Lira etc.

Keeping a tab on budgets One of the salient features of the project billing software is that it keeps a tab on multiple current tasks, budgets for each of the tasks, and also the project status and all this is accomplished using a single interface. Single interface means that there will be no confusion or complication. You will also be able to easily assess any resource requirement for a particular project the moment you are logged into the hosting server. You can benefit from the instant notifications, which can assist various project managers to evaluate the overall performance and progress of their service team or a particular member. Your team members and managers can even offer suggestions, share information, and update project requirements and tasks using the interface.

Billing accuracy This is the single most important benefit of the project billing software. You can set the billing arrangement at the start of a project depending on your client's needs. The actual billing and time tracking as well as reporting will be managed by the billing software's automatic recognition capability. As a result, you will be able to drastically reduce any client disputes. The accurate billing capability will reduce the requirement of adjustment in hourly rates or even in fixed fee agreements.

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Project Billing Software