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Symptoms And Treatments Of Sub-Fertility


Symptoms And Treatments Of Sub-Fertility

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Symptoms in women may be dangerous, which can be mostly related to hormone problems.

3rd May,2014 (

Symptoms: Sub-fertility symptoms in men may be unnoticed until he tries to have a baby. Symptoms of sub-fertility in men include changes in sexual desire, changes in hair growth, small/firm testicles, pain or swelling in testicles, problems with erection and ejaculations. Symptoms in women may be dangerous, which can be mostly related to hormone problems. It include milky white discharge from nipples (not related to breastfeeding), pain during sex, loss of hair or thinning of hair, unwanted weight loss or weight gain, skin changes, changes in sex desire, hair growth in lips, chest and/or skin.


Fertility drugs are prescribed by the doctors to release more FSH or LS, which stimulates the growth of ovarian containing an egg. Such drugs include clomiphene citrate, metformin, letrozole, gonadotropins, and bromocriptine. Fertility restoration surgeries are suggested by the doctors to improve the fertility of the women such as laporoscopic or hysteroscopic surgery, tubal surgeries, and tubal ligation reversal surgery. These surgeries remove or correct abnormalities that decrease pregnancy rates and hence the pregnancy chances are increased. There are few more methods that improve the reproductive organs by fertilizing women’s egg such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in which million of sperms are placed inside the uterus close to the time ovulation.

Assisted reproductive is another method of retrieving mature eggs from women and fertilizing them with men’s sperm in a dish in a lab. Surrogacy is another method followed when a wife has no uterus or pregnancy is not possible due to medical reason then sperm from husband with egg from donor/ both sperms and egg from donor/ embryo from donor) can be used to make a woman pregnant. For more please visit :

Kamagrarx 100 Railway Street, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA-2766
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Symptoms And Treatments Of Sub-Fertility Symptoms in women may be dangerous, which can be mostly related to hormone problems.