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Badgetec Declares: The Ubiquitous "Event" Name Badge Is Definitely Not Going Out-of-style


Badgetec Declares: The Ubiquitous "Event" Name Badge Is Definitely Not Going Out-of-style

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1888 Press Release - Event and Meeting Name Badges were invented during the1940s and are still widely used today. Besides displaying the individual's name that others use for introductions, badges provide a visible authorization for administration purposes. Name badges are becoming more important in the 21st century because of visually readable codes like QR Codes.

NEW CITY, NY - The mundane name badge for meetings, events or tradeshows may seem like a dull subject, but its functionality very important. And you personally may have experienced this while at an event without nametags or at an event where the names are printed too small to read! The person who printed the badges left all that empty blank space with the names printed in miniscule 10-point type!

Name badges were invented during the 1940 as visitor badges for government and military buildings, but they were immediately adapted after WWII for the developing tradeshow and conference industries. Basically, name badge serve two purposes, most important to display the individual's name so others will know who they are. Secondly, they provide an authorization document for the event (like a ticket or for security & coding purposes). Name badges have remained just as functional in recent times and maybe even more so. With the development of computer printers, name badges can clearly display graphics, names and titles so they can be easily read from a distance (large fonts). In fact, events & meetings are characterized as "face-to-face activities" simply because you actually do talk to real people, not just to a flat screen.

Name badges may even become more important in the 21st centaury. First of all, badges have two sides and valuable event information (as well as contact & emergency info) can be printed on the backside, not to mention advertising as an additional profit center! Also, computer readable barcodes like QR Codes are now frequently printed on event and tradeshow name badges for communication purposes - low cost, easy-to-use, a sales aid.

There is no question that issuing "quality" name badges requires some training and skill. When you assign an "untrained intern" to make the name badges for an event, one often ends up with unreadable tags (printed too small, light colors, too much text) as well as badges that hang too low to be read or even hang backwards. We need not mention the cockeyed angles for adhesive sticker badges. In the end, there are instructions and rules for making truly professional name badge.

Badgetec has developed a new category of Name Badges and wearable Personal Tags that attach to ones clothing with a new "paperclip-like" clip. Called the Contour Clip®, its clothing-safe and it clips over an edge of the collar, lapel or pocket. The badges are printed on die-cut sheets with a slot in each badge to eliminate the plastic holders. They are eco-friendly cardstock (or stylish white polyester) which makes them lighter weight and remain aligned perfectly. Being the first new clothing attachment is almost 100 years, the recently issued patents emphasize delicate clothing-safety, comparing this new attachment to early pins and alligator clips when fabrics were less delicate (pre-1960 wools and cottons).

BADGETEC is a product of Premium TAGS n MORE. Headquartered in New York, Badgetec is a socially and environmentally responsible developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products, providing recyclable and/or reusable cost-effective products, appropriate for their purpose while maintaining professional quality.

All products are made in the USA.

For more information and inquiries, visit:, email info ( @ ) premiumtagsnmore dot com Phone 877-403-7797 Fax 815-425-8783
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Badgetec Declares: The Ubiquitous