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A New Web Turbo That Produces Phenomenal Speeds of Acceleration Upto 80% More Power.


A New Web Turbo That Produces Phenomenal Speeds of Acceleration Upto 80% More Power.

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70thirty Solution is a London UK based service that's simple, smart and occasionally magical. As a key fundamental component within the online tech industry we are thrilled to announce the inclusion of CDN – Content Delivery Network to our digital webmedia services team Androi. CDN lays the pathway towards a predicted £12bn capital economy boost over the next 10 years, according to a major study.

LONDON, UK, June 25, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - You've heard the phrase many hands make light work... well in this instance CDN substitutes those hands. CDN as a service tool also referred to as Content Delivery Network, is a number of interconnected groups of computers on the Internet that provides web content quickly and efficiently to as many end user requests. This is achieved by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity.

For example, if all your resources are hosted in UK, and a user is visiting your page in Hongkong, then each request has to make a long round trip from Hongkong to UK and back to Hongkong. If a web page contains 150 objects (which is at the low end of normal), then the user's browser has to make 150 individual requests to the origin server in order to retrieve those objects. To learn more click here(

Going forward via Androi, the 70thirty Solution digital webmedia team will host and manage the CDN service platform delivering static and dynamic Web pages but the best of it is the technology is exceptionally well suited to streaming music, video, Internet television and gaming, and the technology has obvious financial advantages to enterprises who expect, or experience, large numbers of hits on their Web sites from locations all over the world.

Using Androi for CDN, not only doe's content exists in multiple copies on strategically dispersed servers. When a specific page, file, or program is requested by a user, the server closest to that user is dynamically determined and optimises the speed in which the content is delivered to that user, in other words web acceleration and probably the fastest service available. This is yet the best platform advantage small business operators have working with Androi.

In the event hundreds of users happen to select the same Web page or game, video or file simultaneously, the CDN sends the content to each of them without delay. Issues with excessive latency, [latency : it is how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another.] as well as large variations in latency from moment to moment (which can cause annoying "jitter" in streaming audio and video), are minimised. The bandwidth each user "sees" is maximised. The difference is noticed most by users with high-speed Internet connections who often demand streaming content or large files.

Another advantage of using CDN is content redundancy that provides a fail-safe feature and allows for graceful degradation in the event of damage to, or malfunction of, a part of the Internet. This can benefit individuals and enterprises that rely on online data backup services.

In the mobile world it's all about time. Androi is all about maximising the potential of making the website 'and internet' work faster for end user and CDNs are somewhat effective for mobile users. As you can imagine all of this requires a lot of data and this is where Mo Kaderia from Edgecast comes into play for Androi. CDN significantly accelerates a website hosting an array of information, Files, Games, Videos, Music, and Advertisement reduces bandwidth, decreases the upload time, Improves efficiency and availability.

To obtain a free trial, visit and complete the form. A service that's simple, smart and occasionally magical.

Press Contact: Denise Dood 70thirty Soultion Daws House | Daws Lane | London NW7 4SD 02071936678
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A New Web Turbo That Produces Phenomenal Speeds of Acceleration Upto 80% More Power.