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At all work created are authentic, plagiarism free and of high quality. So clients are always assured of academic excellence.

Phoenix, AZ, July 02, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - Academic writing is an important activity done by every student, at all level of education in order to satisfy course work requirement. "Students are required to undertake a variety of academic writing task that could range from short essays, assignments, SAT, IELTS or lengthy term papers, dissertations and thesis. This type of writing could be done either under time demanding pressure or syllabus requirement. As a result students are expected to output a number of papers at the end of each day, week, semester or term. But such time demanding output doesn't always guarantee quality of resultant paper", says Peter Wartson consultant at

In fact a research by National Academic Council for Academic Excellence found that many students resort to borrowing or stealing the work of others in order to beat deadlines and as result the rate of plagiarism has become so common place, that if every student who plagiarized was to be flunked, the rate of dropout will be worse than that massive open online learning courses (MOOC). "With this in mind many students sort the services of freelance academic writers, who are seen as the first level examiners. They guide students on how to structure their research papers, perform proof reading and help students to avoiding mistakes related to grammar, spelling, phrasing and plagiarism." states Peter, "Freelance academic writers, should not be confused with people who helps students achieve shortcut by doing their assignments, no they are honest writers who guide students the way a teacher will do".

While this may help students reduce stress related to academic demand, some concerns has been raised concerning the qualification of writers who handle students' academic work. Mary White an academic consultant at, stated that "Students should look at the pool of writers a freelance company has, example, is comprised of only graduate writers who have various qualification in their field of interest that range from MSc, MBA, MRes, EM, LLM, MEng, MA, Phd, and DS. At that company, writers undergo series of test approved by our senior writers to ascertain academic prowess and professional skills in writing and research. The advantage of this pool of workforce is that clients are always guaranteed the best quality writing and editing service, which cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. Writers are specialist, with background in Education, Medicine, Nursing, Finance, Communication, Media, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, IT, Law etc."

Other qualities that prospective student should look at before selecting an academic writing company include privacy and security, originality, timeliness, quality, revision policy, orders tracking, support and response to queries. A lot of emphasis should be placed on privacy as it is not only a right but a demand that every users online should be guaranteed of. "If an online company published a student paper online, without their formal approval, it could lead to plagiarism and dismissal from school. Therefore students should look for companies that adhere with privacy policies and not let third party have access to their client papers." articulates Peter.

About Graduate Writers is an academic editing and writing company that help student in carrying out research work, gives advice on writing, referencing and proof reading. The company is composed of Graduate writers with specialties in field which can be advantageous to students.

Press Contact: Peter Wartson Graduate Writers LLC PO Box 89670 Phoenix, AZ +1-480-409-1822
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