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New Audio Book Parodies "Letters" to President Obama


New Audio Book Parodies "Letters" to President Obama

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1888 Press Release - New Humor Book Shares Strange, Odd & Bizarre Letters to President Obama from Everyday Citizens & Celebrities. 60 AUDIO "Letters" including those from Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Kim Jong-un, Steven Spielberg, and Warren Buffett. More Info at:

Boston, MA -The new AUDIO humor book Obama Confidential: Strange, Odd & Bizarre Letters to the 44th President features a collection of 60 FAKE "letters" to President Barack Obama from everyday citizens, and from celebrities such as Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, and Dennis Rodman.

Offering an inside look at what's really on the minds of the American people, Obama Confidential provides an amusing snapshot of the country in the second decade of the 21st century.

President Obama Receives 65,000+ Letters A Week-Every week over 65,000 paper letters are sent toPresident Obama and are read and sorted by White House volunteers and staff members. Ten letters that best represent what is currently going on in the country are selected each day for President Obama to read. These letters are then delivered to the President in a special red folder marked: For the President: Correspondence.

What Do People Really Say in Their Letters to the President?-It appears that no subject is off-limits for the President. Obama hears it, and gets it, from everyone, including:

• A depressed accountant in Michigan • A minimum-wage waitress in Oklahoma • A dry cleaner named Al Kayda in Wisconsin • An ex-student in Illinois drowning in an ocean of debt • A harried housewife in Wyoming with a dubious ideas about how to save hard-earned pennies • A gun owner in Tennessee vigorously defending his right to bear arms

Even a Harvard classmate re-appears, with a not-so-subtle demand for money. Obama, who's obviously a very busy man, sometimes answers with a brief innocuous letter of his own.

Obama Confidential, the AUDIO BOOK version narrated by famed impressionist Jim Meskimen, will be available Dec 1, 2014 at, and at select bookstores and at online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & the iBookstore.

For more information and to hear sample audio-letters from the book, visit the website at: or,, or, contact BB Books at info ( @ ) obamaconfidential dot com dot

"Hilarious" - "So funny we had to hide it." - Boise Public Library
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New Audio Book Parodies