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The role of credit unions is discussed is "In America" with host James Earl Jones


The role of credit unions is discussed is "In America" with host James Earl Jones

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1888PressRelease - The benefits of using a credit union for banking solutions are discussed.

A new episode of IN AMERICA discusses the role of credit unions throughout the United States. The episode is hosted by James Earl Jones.

Credit unions are another banking option that exist and the majority of them are backed by the FDIC. Many of the unions are specifically for members of certain groups, such as teachers or military service members. Others are simply available to anyone who wishes to be in a credit union. Benefits include better interest rates on loans and higher payouts on CDs.

More people are exploring credit unions as an alternative to a traditional bank. The segment discusses why people would choose this methodology and why it is in their best interest to do so. The show continues to find topics that are of interest to Americans and shed some light onto the topics so people can learn.

Credit unions date back to the 1850s and started in Germany. Since then, they have spread around the globe. The member-owned financial institution can vary around the country and therefore it is always important for individuals to look and see what the various benefits are before making the decision.

"In America" is produced for public television stations around the United States and is not affiliated with PBS or APT. For more information, contact the producers via the show's website,
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The role of credit unions is discussed is