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World's heaviest new born babies

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Athmorque Rque -- on Feb. 23 2015

The weight of the babies is up to the health condition and nutrient amount of mother. Let's see the most truly effective 5 heaviest babies in this world. People might think this as weird news but the babies are infants regardless of their weight. All babies are great irrespective of simply how much they weigh. We may hear babies born weighing below 2 kilograms and several other babies weighing more than 4 kilograms.


Jasleen was born in the season 2013 weighing 6.1 kilogram. She was born in Leipzig, Germany at the university hospital on July 26. She was 57 cm long when she was born. Stephen little

Stephen little was born at the kempsey hospital in Australia. He was the heaviest baby of Australia. He was born weighing 7.399 kilogram that's almost twice the common weight of Australian babies 3.37 kg.

Maxin Marin's baby girl

A British woman maxin Marin gave birth to a baby girl in Spain weighing around 6.2 kilogram. She delivered the child at a hospital in denia's Mediterranean city. Mostly larger babies are delivered though caesarean section but she did not make use of a painkiller during childbirth. That is one among the odd news stories that people heard about it.

George king

The largest baby ever born in UK was George king. During his birth he weighed 15 pounds and 7 ounces that's almost 2 times how big the average baby. Doctors did not find any indication that he would born with this big. The size of him made his mother face significant difficulties. About 20 staffs were worked in the area to free the child from his mother womb. You'll find more weird news stories in this blog.

Ja Michael

In the season 2011, a baby boy named Ja Michael was born to Janet Johnson. He entered this world with a weight of 16 pounds that's more than twice the brand new born average weight. He was the heaviest new born baby who was born in Longview at good shepherd hospital.

Nadia khalina

Nadia khaline was the greatest baby girl in Siberian. She weighed 7.75 kilogram after she came out from her mother womb. She was born on 26th September 2007. Tatyana khalina the mother of Nadia had shocked her fiancé by delivering her 12th child with such weight.

Stephon Hendrix Louis

The fifth child of Marie Michael was one among the babies named in the record books. She delivered a baby weighing 14 pounds and 13 ounces in the season 2011. Back officials told that he had broken the 18 years biggest baby record ever born at William W.Backus hospital. He was also measured 23 inches long. He did not surprise his mother since his eldest brother and twin brothers were also born with heavy weights.

Even though it seems to become a weird one she made the country's largest baby ever. Her mother was found suffered from undiagnosed gestational diabetes that typically occurs around 24th week in pregnancy. Find more odd news like this in the blog .
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World's heaviest new born babies