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Celebrated Wellington Clinic – Chiropractic Balance Answers Patients ‘Should-Be-Asked-Questions’ On Website


Celebrated Wellington Clinic – Chiropractic Balance Answers Patients ‘Should-Be-Asked-Questions’ On Website

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20th August 2015, New Zealand - The world of Chiropractic is often shrouded in doubts and misconceptions that can prevent patients from opting for a form of treatment that may be able to effectively relieve the health problems they are suffering from. As a celebrated and trusted chiropractic Wellington clinic, Chiropractic Balance has taken it upon itself to educate people in the basics of the treatment and help them understand how they can benefit from it. Keeping with this aim, the clinic has uploaded a list of FAQs on its website, which owner and Chiropractor Dr Roz Griffiths says are ‘Should be asked questions’. She says that prospective patients should know the answers to resolve the most common apprehensions that patients may have about the practitioner, the treatment or the process. Check out to alivieate your concerns.

It is documented in case studies and research that health conditions involving spinal misalignment are frequently and effectively treated through targeted chiropractic care. Chiropractic Balance prides itself on its Chiropractic care for Wellington, Paremata and surrrounding regions by combining the treatment with lifestyle suggestions including nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

Dr Roz Griffiths says “One of the biggest apprehensions people have to seeing a Chiropractor is the ‘cracking’ of their joints and neck. Althought this looks like a very invasive procedure, done in the hands of a qualified Chiropractor it is very safe. This has been proven as year after year countless research projects study neck manipulation, supposedly the ‘riskiest’ chiropractic procedure and they always conclude that complications from this procedure are very rare.”

“There are now a lot of other ways to work on misalignments in your spine that do not involve any manipulation. We use these frequently and always tailor the style of treatment to the patients needs and preferences.”

So before you choose the right Chiropractic Clinic for you, make sure you know the answers to the ‘should be asked questions’ to ensure your apprehensions are eased. The FAQs Section at answers issues relating to the risks associated with the procedure, its effectiveness as well as the scope of the treatments. Please email them if you have other questions you would like to ask. They are always wanting to add to their list.

For more details about the treatment or to book a consult with a Wellington clinic focused on exceptional Chiropractic treatment, visit

About The Author

Chiropractic Balance provide premium chiropractic healthcare for the Wellington & Porirua communities, get great results whilst making healthy lifestyle choices feel easy. Every month hundreds of people come into their two centres and they have very high patient satisfaction as refelected in their reviews.

Contact Information

Chiropractic Balance

Address: 29 Mana Esplanade, Paremata-Mana

& Level 1, 64 Dixon St, Wgtn

Phone: (04) 233 8705


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Celebrated Wellington Clinic – Chiropractic Balance Answers Patients ‘Should-Be-Asked-Questions’ On Website